Information Technology: It's Not Just a Guy Thing

Nine women who found great careers in high tech.


How they got started

Their careers have spanned decades as they rose to jobs ranging from managing engineering departments and corporate security to running high-tech firms and university programs. Here's where these nine women got their starts...and here's the story of how they've gotten where they are today.


Sherita Ceasar - Vice president of cross-platform applications and engineering services, Comcast

Early job: Technician at GE, later Magnavox.


Eva Chen - Founder and CEO, Trend Micro

Early job: Engineer at Acer Computer in 1980s


Maria Cirino - Co-founder of Boston-based venture-capital firm .406 Ventures

Early job: Sales and marketing at Lotus Development


Grace Egan - Vice president, engineering product management, Time Warner Cable

Early job: Prodigy Services coordinating teams deploying technical infrastructure.


Vicki Hamilton - Senior vice president VP Turner Broadcasting System Operations and Strategy Group

Early job: Proof operator and data entry


Emma McGrattan - senior vice president of engineering at Ingres

Early job: Engineer at networking gear company Retix


Rhonda MacLean -- Founder of consultancy MacLean Risk Partners

Early job: In the 1970s sold Lanier Business Products' first line of programmable business equipment.

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Patricia Titus - Chief information security officer at Unisys

Early job: Systems administrator at Auspex Systems


Dena Haritos Tsamitis - Director, Carnegie-Mellon University's Information Networking Initiative

Early job: Eli Lilly Internet analyst; designed the pharmaceutical firm's first intranet

Story on women in IT

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