by Thor Olavsrud

MongoDB extends database to new users, adds enterprise features

Nov 03, 2015
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The latest version of MongoDB features graphical tools, business intelligence connectors and application performance monitoring tool integration designed to make data in the NoSQL database accessible to business analysts, data scientists, executives and other users.

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MongoDB moved to open its NoSQL database to a wider range of users — including business analysts, data scientists and even executives — with its latest release, announced today..

MongoDB 3.2 adds a number of new tools and features to help data analysts, DBAs and operations teams integrate the database within their existing processes and toolsets. New features include the following:

  • MongoDB Compass.. This graphical tool gives offers the capability to quickly and securely explore databases, visually construct queries, inspect records and make smarter decisions about deployments.
  • MongoDB Connector for BI. To bring business analysts, data analysts and executives into the game, this connector provides the capability to explore and gain new insights from modern applications using the BI tools they already use for understanding data in their legacy systems.
  • Application Performance Monitoring Tool Integrations. DBAs and operations teams can now operationalize MongoDB alongside their relational databases, preserving investments in application performance monitoring (APM) tools like New Relic and AppDynamics.

“You can now connect MongoDB just like any other data source,” says Kelly Stirman, vice president of Strategy and Product Marketing at MongoDB. “That opens up MongoDB to business analysts, data scientists and even executives. We think that’s really exciting news.”

“Compass is already proving to be a valuable tool in my arsenal,” Nuri Halperin, owner of Plus N Consulting, added in a statement today. “The UI is excellent, making it easy to explore databases, collections, all the way to individual sub-documents. It is straightforward for anyone to build queries, without advanced knowledge of the MongoDB query language. Compass enables a much broader range of users in the organization to get value from MongoDB.”

MongoDB has also added storage engines to the existing WiredTiger and MMAPv1 engines to make MongoDB 3.2 ready for more mission-critical use cases, especially for organizations in regulated industries:

  • Encrypted Storage Engine. This storage engine gives enterprises the capability to secure critical data for trusted access in a diverse range of regulated industries. It features end-to-end encryption of data in flight and at rest, coupled with robust access controls and auditing for forensic analysis.
  • In-Memory Storage Engine. This new storage engine means you no longer need to choose between performance, functionality and data safety. It provides highly predictable throughput and low latency for essential applications like fraud detection, ad tech and user profile management.

MongoDB 3.2 also introduces data governance features to help organizations centrally define and enforce data quality rules throughout the database.