by Thor Olavsrud

Partnership powers predictive and prescriptive analytics

Nov 04, 2015
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The combination of GoodData's cloud-based analytics distribution platform and Absolutdata's big data analytics consulting expertise will help the partners accelerate their clients' ability to deploy predictive and prescriptive analytics.

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GoodData, a specialist in business intelligence for monetization, and big data analytics consulting firm Absolutdata, sealed a partnership today with the aim of helping customers unlock the value of their data with predictive and advanced analytics capabilities on the GoodData platform.

“The thrust of our partnership is to bring our organizations together to help clients get significantly more value out of their data — driving sales, marketing conversion, efficiency within organizations, superior value and ROI to our customers,” says Anil Kaul, founder and CEO of Absolutdata.

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“The focus of this partnership is to do it at a wide scale,” adds Roman Stanek, founder and CEO of GoodData. “Our goal is not to enable it for just a few customers. We want predictive [analytics] for the masses.”

Moving up to predictive and prescriptive analytics

The companies intend to collaboratively build advanced models on the GoodData platform, thereby helping customers move up the analytics maturity curve to the point of leveraging predictive and prescriptive analytics.

Under the partnership, customers will have access to the expertise of Absolutdata’s team of data scientists and industry experts, who can help them seamlessly distribute advanced and predictive analytics at scale to thousands of end users via GoodData’s analytics distribution platform. Stanek notes the cloud-based platform means customers can take advantage of advanced analytics without the heavy infrastructure and development typically required to deploy such capabilities.

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“Companies don’t want to buy plumbing,” he says. “They want the platform and the expertise.”

For the past 14 years, Absolutdata has focused on taking data — big data, traditional small data and more — and helping clients, mostly Fortune 1000 companies, embed analytics around that data into their decision-making processes. That work has primarily been about the marketing funnel, the sales funnel and the Internet of Things (IoT).

GoodData, at six years old, has been providing its global customers with cloud-based analytics services geared at helping them discover underutilized data assets and use those assets to do things like understand the supply chain relationship, lower churn, decrease inventory and so on.

“Customers look to GoodData’s analytics distribution platform to truly help them unlock the value of their data,” Stanek says. “In order to do so, we will need to guide them on their analytic journey from descriptive and diagnostic to predictive and prescriptive. Absolutdata will be instrumental in helping us deliver this to our customers.”

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