Download Vendor Performance Scorecards

Use these scorecards to evaluate vendor strengths, weaknesses and performance history.

This pair of scorecards is part of the toolkit in the "Mid-Market CIO/IT Vendor Relations Playbook," developed by CIO Executive Council members to help improve success in partnering with vendors. The scorecards provide simple ways to tally and track vendors' relative strengths and performance in various criteria both before and after contracts are signed.

The scorecard from Susan Faulkner, director, information systems and technology, Bluewave Energy, provides a way to rate prospective vendors in cost, architecture, meeting business requirements, viability and vision, among other weighted categories. The tool from Roxanne Reynolds-Lair, CIO, the Fashion Institute of Design & Merchandising, rates performance in handling support issues, product and service changes and legal agreements.

"There is more and more burden on the customer to keep up with the legalities and actual execution of the contract, and there are a lot of sand traps throughout," notes Reynolds-Lair. "We built this matrix to hold vendors accountable."

Numeric scores are assigned on each sheet based on both subjective and objective evaluations of vendor strengths, weaknesses and performance history.

Download the vendor performance scorecards.


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