Battered, Bashed and Beaten: Broken iPhones A-Go-Go

How much damage can an iPhone actually withstand? See for yourself, in these cringe-inducing images - ouch!


PC World Sets the Standard

After PC World became intimately familiar with the glory of the broken iPhone recently, we decided to take a look at some of the destruction Apple's smartphone has suffered at the hands of others. Above is our contribution to the pile, but this certainly isn't the worst case out there.

iPhone3GS Stress Test

The Original iPhone Stress Tests

iPhone Fails Stress Test


The Belly Flop: A Bad Bet

iPhone owner Anthony Longo can recount plenty of smartphone survival stories. It turns out the belly flop isn't one of them. Though he was confident that the iPhone was fine after an inadvertent slip out of his pocket, it turns out that the iPhone was in pretty bad shape. Longo's confidence makes the story all the worse: he bet friends $250 the iPhone was okay before picking it up. The outcome? "So the pot got up to $250 bucks.and a kind girl friend of mine went to pick up the phone. I could see it on her face when she lifted it off the ground. Bammmm shattered. My baby was spider webbed. Now am I not only out an iPhone, I am in the hole for $250! Errr&" It doesn't sound like his plea to Apple CEO Steve Jobs was entirely successful either. (Credit: The Boston Condo Loft)


iPod Touch Fans Forums

This iPod Touch's story is all-too similar. iPod Touch Fans forums user spongyiq explains how his beloved iPod was run over by a pickup truck. Driven by his friends. After wiping away the initial tears, spongyiq discovered that the iPod Touch still worked perfectly, including the touch screen. Considering our own experiences, we would say this isn't too surprising, though the joy of using a touch screen with broken glass is somewhat lessened. (Credit: iPod Touch Fans forums)


Hammer Time

With the recent launch of the Palm Pre smartphone in the US, there were inevitably going to be some people considering switching from the iPhone. Owner of the original iPhone and Pre "switcher" John did exactly that, but decided to send off his old phone in spectacular fashion: with a hammer. With his new Palm Pre in a box seat for the event, John took to the iPhone with vigour. The end result shows just how much John like his new Pre. (Credit: preThinking)


The (Gritty) Smoothie

Will It Blend? didn't take long to get an iPhone into a Blendtec blender. Though the smartphone can survive a number of things, it turns out a blender isn't one of them. At least we now know the iPhone doesn't take up much space as dust. (Credit: Will It Blend?)


Flickr Gallery

There seems to be no end to broken iPhones, and we weren't the first to compile some of the harrowing results. Flickr user Thumbnail has compiled an extensive gallery of broken iPhones for your viewing pleasure. Of course, if you're particularly enamoured with your own iPhone it might be a painful experience.

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