Windows 7 Bible: Your Complete Guide to the Latest Version of Windows

Updated: From pricing questions and a rundown of interface features to upgrade concerns and challenges presented by the iPad,'s Windows 7 Bible covers it all. Our guide delivers expert reviews, advice on planning and rollout, opinion pieces and news analysis on Microsoft's latest client operating system.

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Windows 7, Netbooks and Tablets

Slideshow: 10 Hottest Windows and Android Tablets Unveiled at CES

Nine of the tablets we highlight in our slideshow run Android or Windows, and one runs both.

Microsoft's Slow, Steady Tablet Strategy a Big Gamble

Could Microsoft's risky bet of choosing its client version of Windows over Windows Phone 7 as the OS for tablets pay off in the end?

Windows 7 Tablet: Four Keys to Success Against the iPad

Microsoft needs to be strategic with Windows 7 tablet design, marketing and price to have a fighting chance against the iPad and Android-based tablets, according to a recent report from Forrester Research. Here are four ways to build the best Windows tablet.

Microsoft and Tablets: A Failure to Launch Could Hurt Core Business

If Microsoft is too slow developing Windows-based tablets, its bread-and-butter enterprise business could soon pay the price, according to industry analysts.

iPad the Destroyer: It's Getting Ugly for Netbooks

Netbook sales have been falling off a cliff as iPad sales ascend. Should Microsoft start worrying now?

The iPad Threat to Windows: It's Not About Netbooks

Forget netbooks. Microsoft and partners need to have Windows 7 tablet PCs in use in case the iPad conquers the world.

Where Netbooks Still Beat the Apple IPad

Despite the introduction of the iPad and the harsh words of Apple CEO Steve Jobs, netbooks will continue to thrive, say analysts and commentators, who cite the tablet's missing features and relatively high price.

The iPad and Netbooks: Comparing Them Is Stupid

Apple wants you to believe that the iPad and netbooks serve the same users, but don't believe the hype.

Windows 7: The Desktop Features

Slideshow: Windows 7 Hardware in Pictures: The Latest and Greatest Laptops

The iPad may have arrived with authority, but laptops and netbooks are still very much alive. As Microsoft and its hardware partners prepare for the back-to-school buying season, here's a slideshow of the latest Windows 7 machines for work and play, from slim netbooks to big honkin' gaming laptops.

Windows 7: 10 Cool Keyboard Shortcuts

For all you mouse-happy Windows 7 users who click the day away, save time with these 10 keyboard shortcuts for opening, moving, minimizing and switching between apps.

Video: New Desktop Features

Windows 7 in Video: Multi-Touch and Wireless Display Features's Shane O'Neill visited Microsoft and left with video of Windows 7 multi-touch and wireless PC-to-TV display tools.

Windows XP: C'mon Consumers, Let It Die

Survey data from Forrester points to Windows 7 satisfaction, but still a reluctance to move off Windows XP. What the what?!?

Slideshow: Seven Features in Windows 7 You Probably Don't Know About

From streaming Netflix movies in Windows Media Center to eye candy desktop Themes to a calculator that does a lot more than arithmetic, here's a slideshow of cool but unappreciated Windows 7 features.

Windows 7: 10 Best Features

Windows 7's reloaded taskbar is one of its best new features. It is less cluttered than Vista's, and it handles both running and nonrunning apps with equal aplomb.

Slideshow: Windows 7 in Pictures: 10 Cool Desktop Features

Here is an up-to-date slideshow of the most compelling navigation and networking features of the Windows 7 OS.

Windows 7: Hands-On Reviews

Windows 7 Tricks: 20 Top Tips and Tweaks

Just got your hands on Windows 7 and want to bend it to your will? No problem. We've got plenty of tips, hacks and secrets to keep you busy for a long time.

Windows 7 Review: It's Not Flawless but it Fixes Annoyances

Windows 7 ditches the glitz and gets the basics right with low-key and useful features. Here's what you need to know about the new OS.

Windows 7 Gets Raves from Wall Street Journal

Walt Mossberg of The Wall Street Journal writes that Windows 7 is "the best version of Windows Microsoft has produced."

Windows 7: 10 Things That Still Need Fixing

For a Microsoft product, Windows 7 is quite refined, but it still suffers from needless inconsistency.

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