Reporting Matters

BrandPost By Steve Hall
Nov 17, 2015

coworkers with tablet and graphs

Unfortunately, reporting is often the last thing that software developers think about when creating their solutions. In most instances, the development effort focuses on addressing a known industry problem, and reports are added in at the last stage because people expect the capabilities. While any reporting capability is a step in the right direction, the problem with this methodology is that it bogs down the user’s ability to translate insights into action.

Don’t Just Regurgitate Data

Companies need access to meaningful insights. Simply looking for attractive, flexible dashboards only fulfills part of the equation.

Whether for auditors or business executives, reports that are not well thought out makes it difficult to see past the plethora of data the system regurgitates. And, simply regurgitating data doesn’t address issues. Just because you can collect data doesn’t mean it should be in the report.

Reports Must Provide Actionable Insight

The solution is to seek out products that are actually developed with the need for meaningful reports at the forefront. When a development team starts with the end in mind, the result is often a highly flexible dashboard environment, as well as comprehensive reporting capabilities capable of meeting any metrics requirements your organization needs to address.

Bottom line: Businesses need to look for the solutions designed by security experts for security experts. Companies who take this approach won’t shy away from letting you know what their approach to reporting is, and what specific value each of their reports provide. Check out Tenable Network Security for some excellent examples of insightful dashboards and reports!