by Jim Lynch

Good riddance to the iPhone’s headphone jack!

Dec 01, 2015

Apple would be very smart to dump the ancient headphone jack in the iPhone 7

There’s been quite a lot of media coverage about a rumor regarding Apple removing the headphone jack in the iPhone 7. As usual some people are bleating and whining about this possible move as they desperately cling to the headphone jack’s outdated technology.

Get over it, folks. Apple has always pushed the boundaries in terms of adopting new technology and letting go of old ones. And the headphone jack in the iPhone is certainly no exception. It’s truly ancient technology and should have been dealt with quite a long time ago.

Why would Apple remove the headphone jack in the iPhone 7?

Why would Apple do this? Well getting rid of the headphone jack in the iPhone 7 would not only let the company make the iPhone thinner, it would also free up space inside of the iPhone itself. That might let the company include another speaker in the iPhone or even a slightly larger battery.

What’s not to love about either possibility? I’d love a thinner, lighter iPhone 7. And if dumping the headphone jack accomplishes that then I’m all for it. And if removing the headphone jack provides a bit more space for a larger battery then that would be even better for the folks who have been clamoring for one for ages now.

And adding another speaker to the iPhone 7 might result in better sound without headphones. Think of the difference in sound between the iPad Air 2 with its two speakers, and the iPhone 6s which has only one speaker. The iPad Air 2 sound significantly better, so I’d love another speaker added to the iPhone 7.

Lightning adaptors for today’s headphones

One of the biggest arguments against removing the headphone jack in the iPhone 7 is that it would mean that owners of headphones would have to buy a Lightning adaptor for their headphones. But so what? If the sound was as good or better then what’s the problem here? Does anybody think that the cost of such an adaptor would be prohibitive for someone who could afford an iPhone?

And I say this to you as someone who uses a pair of $300 noise reduction headphones for music and audiobooks. I love my headphones, but I would not mind getting a Lightning adaptor for them if it meant a lighter, thinner iPhone with a potentially larger battery. I’d be happy to order such an adaptor as soon as they were available.

My money is on Apple dumping the iPhone’s headphone jack

Right now this is all based on a rumor published by a Japanese blog. There has been no official word from Apple whatsoever. So take it all with a huge grain of salt the same way you should take any Apple rumor.

But my money is on Apple having the balls to remove the headphone jack. Oh sure, it will shock and irritate many people initially. But then they’ll get over it once the company points out why they did it and what the advantages are to its customers. Most iPhone 7 owners will simply buy new headphones or an adaptor for their current headphones.

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