Running IT as a business: As true today as it ever was

There’s been a significant shift in the number of IT executives who not only run IT as a business, but are doing it really well. Hundreds of millions in savings, adoption of disruptive platforms, agility in acquiring and merging businesses, large-scale shifts in capital from run to grow, new revenue streams from commercializing previously internal assets…the list goes on.
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It's my passion to help remove the barriers that routinely separate business leaders. After 20 years of working to manage the intersection of corporate strategy, operations and technology solutions, I've learned that transformation is actually the steady-state. My clients are typically C-suite executives seeking to create value from both new and existing investments, but often struggle keeping pace with the complexity and scale of change.

Beyond discussing blue-sky strategies and developing shelfware, let's seek practical solutions that deliver tangible value while still considering the art of the possible.

Let's apply the principles of market economics, running IT as a business, creating value through systems of engagement and insight. Let's remember that both customers and employees have the right to a great experience.

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