Twitter Bible: Everything You Need To Know About Twitter

Our Twitter guide delivers expert advice on how to get started, practice good etiquette, network and job hunt, search smart and stay organized with the social networking service. You'll also find analysis on how to better engage your followers, use Twitter to reach customers, and go mobile with Twitter.

Twitter: Getting Started

Twitter: How to Get Started Guide for Business People

Don't understand what all the Twitter fuss is about or why you might want to use this social networking tool? You're not alone, but you may be missing out on useful information and professional connections. Check out our guide on how and why to get started with Twitter.

How and Why to Launch a Business Presence on Twitter

From an upstart airline to the cable company some people love to hate, organizations big and small have reaped success in improving customer service, receiving R&D tips, and marketing their products on Twitter. Here's expert advice on how and why your business should tap into Twitter.

Twitter's New Home Page: A Better Start for Beginners

Twitter launched a new welcome page that places a greater emphasis on search, to help new users get acclimated. The site also discarded the "what are you doing?" moniker that sold Twitter's mission short.

The New Twitter: What's Good and What's Missing

Twitter rolled out a richer interface for users Tuesday -- but did not include two features users have long sought. Here's a first look at what you'll get in the new Twitter and what you won't.

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