by Sarah K. White

Top 10 millennial stories of 2015

Jan 04, 2016
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Millennials made plenty of headlines in 2015 as this much-discussed generation continued to shake up traditional corporate structures.

group of millennials working together looking at computer
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This past year saw a lot of discussion about millennials — what they want from work and what they value as well as how to attract, hire and retain new grads. Here are the 10 most-read stories on about millennials from 2015.

10. How to market to millennials (it’s not easy)

Millennials are the number one target of advertisers, even though it’s no secret that this age group is riddled with student debt and loan payments. But that hasn’t stopped marketers from trying, but many are finding this group somewhat elusive when it comes to implementing effective marketing strategies.

9. Millennials will accelerate Internet of Things action, IDC predicts

Two of the biggest topics in 2015 were millennials and the Internet of Things. And this article focuses on how IDC predicts millennials will be a driving force behind the adoption and success of the IoT.

8. 6 ways to give millennials the mentorship programs they want

It turns out the traditional way of running a business doesn’t always cut it for millennials, and that is especially true when it comes to mentorship programs. Here are six ways businesses can reevaluate mentorship programs to ensure millennials are getting the guidance and feedback they need to be successful.

7. 7 things millennials are looking for at work

There was a lot of talk about what millennials actually want from work over the past year, and this article highlights seven ways businesses can create a millennial-friendly environment. But this list might surprise readers who are under the impression all millennials want free snacks and cool perks at work.

6. How to win the hiring war for graduating millennials

As more companies rely on the latest tech to be successful, they are all starting to eye the top talent graduating from STEM programs. But most companies might not be prepared to attract and retain these recent grads with the right working environment and benefits.

5. How to help millennials shine in the workplace

If you haven’t caught onto the theme yet, there’s a general misunderstanding of what millennials want and need from their employers. This article focuses on how businesses can work to help millennials succeed at work to stand out and prove stereotypes about their age group wrong.

4. How millennials challenge traditional leadership

One thing we learned about millennials this year is that, when asked what their top priority was when finding a job, most will cite purpose over money. They want the proper leadership and training to climb the corporate ladder, not for money, but to inspire others and transform corporations.

3. 6 ways to attract and retain millennial workers

Companies are vying to land the top talent as they graduate from college and enter the workforce. But many businesses aren’t set up to attract millennials with a lack of modern technology, a meaningful mission, transparency leadership and tired hierarchies.

2. Busting millennials-in-the-workplace myths

The past year was filled with misconceptions about millennials, whether it was citing them as lazy, entitled or too immature for a full time job. This article takes down a number of common myths about millennials to show that what they want from work isn’t that different from anyone else.

1. 8 cutting-edge workplaces that millennials will love

There’s a lot of talk about modern workplaces, and that has only increased with a rise in millennials at work. This group is often looking for creative workplaces that not only encourage productivity, but also inspire. This list includes eight of the most cutting-edge workplaces at large companies that decided to toss cubicles for a more inventive workspace.