Twitter Tips: How to Use Twitter to Job Hunt

If you're just using LinkedIn to job hunt, you're missing out on the power of Twitter. Here's expert advice on how to tweet your way to new contacts and opportunities.

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Designing Your Twitter Profile and Integrating it Elsewhere

Be sure to use a good, recognizable head shot in your Twitter profile, says Schawbel. In terms of the profile information, you have to write a biography in 160 characters or less, so make it count and try to cram in a keyword that will be recognizable to others in your field (such as "business analyst" or "project manager").

You are also allowed a URL in your Twitter profile. For most people, unless you have your own blog where you talk shop or a personal website that lists your career highlights, use your LinkedIn profile, says Schawbel.

If you find the current profile too limiting, you can customize your Twitter background to include more pictures and links to your professional endeavors. (For more details, see this thorough how-to guide on how to customize your Twitter background from

Elsewhere on the Web, you should consider integrating your Twitter feed. If you have your own website or blog, you can embed your Twitter feed on top of it fairly easily with RSS and other feed-based technologies (the way to do it changes depending on the service, but it's generally not hard).

For more generic sites, such as LinkedIn, you can add your Twitter profile URL to your list of websites, or place links to it in one of your LinkedIn applications.

Tweeting it Forward

Many recruiters watch the Twitter community, keeping an eye out for ideal candidates, says Rosenberg. One of the way you can stand out to these critical contacts: refer colleagues to them and help others before you help yourself.

"Recruiters are dealing with hundreds or thousands of candidates," Rosenberg says. "The only reason they help you above someone else is if you help them do their job. If you want to get considered for jobs in the future, help them pass information along or refer candidates to them. That's the best way to endear yourself to a recruiter's heart."

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