by Sarah K. White

10 hot startups at CES 2016

Jan 12, 2016
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CES 2016 in Las Vegas is a hub of the latest emerging technology, and it naturally attracts a number of startups. These are the 10 startups at CES 2016 that have earned the most funding.

Hot startups at CES 2016

CES is where the latest and greatest in tech is unveiled. This year, at CES 2016, there wasn’t just latest technology, but also over 800 startups in the early and mid-stages of growth. Here are the 10 highest funded startups attending CES 2016.


Storedot Tech Startup

This Israeli startup is focused on nanodot battery tech and has earned 76 million in funding, gained in four rounds from four investors. StoreDot made headlines recently for its innovation around batteries for smartphones and electric cars. One of the company’s major goals is to bring consumers a battery for electric vehicles that can charge in just five minutes. Similarly, the company is also on a mission to bring smartphone batteries to consumers that will full charge in one minute.


Indiegogo tech startup

Crowdfunding is on the rise, and plenty of products in the tech world have been powered by donations on sites like Indiegogo from consumers who are eager to get the product to market. This San Francisco-based company earned $56.5 million in seven rounds from 19 investors, earning it the number 2 spot on the list of the highest-funded startups at CES 2016. The company was founded in 2008, and since then has become a popular venue for individuals or small businesses seeking non-traditional funding for new projects and products.


Ultrahaptics tech startup

Based in the U.K., Ultrahaptics has a mission to change the way we use our devices through ultrasound technology. The company touts “feeling without touching,” by creating three-dimensional shapes with ultrasound technology that can sense changes in air pressure. This technology could lead to better virtual reality technology as well as completely revolutionize how we use the devices we have grown accustomed to. The U.K. company has earned $15.61 million in funding in just one round from two investors.


TandemLaunch tech startup

TandemLaunch is a Canadian-based startup that specializes in taking early-stage ideas and turning them into profitable startup ventures. The company provides startups with mentoring, resources and up to $500K in seed money. As a startup helping other startups, TandemLaunch has earned $14.7 million in funding in two rounds from one investor.


Unikey tech startup

This company, based in Winter Park, Florida, develops touch-to-open smart locks, more commonly known as keyless entry. Since it was founded in 2010, the company has raised $12.93 million in funding in six rounds from 11 investors. The technology works through the Bluetooth on your smartphone; the connected deadbolt can sense when the device is in range, unlocking the door when touched.


Finsix tech startup

If you’ve ever been frustrated by your clunky laptop charger, you’ll love this startup. Finsix specializes in delivering compact laptop chargers, touting its latest Dart charger as the world’s smallest laptop charger. This Cambridge, Mass. company was founded by MIT graduate students and has since moved to Menlo Park, Calif. Finsix earned 12.2 million in funding in four rounds from three investors, earning it the 6th spot on the list of the highest funded startups at CES 2016.


Ecovent tech startup

Ecovent is dedicated to offering a more energy efficient solution for heating and cooling modern homes. Using a system comprised of wireless vents and sensors, homeowners with forced air systems can alter temperature control per room, decrease energy costs by deciding what rooms need more airflow and customize temperatures for rooms, floors or times of day all from a mobile device or web application. The company, located in Boston, has earned $9.7 million in funding in three rounds of funding from six investors.


Owlet tech startup

Connected technology is everywhere, and now you can even have it on your baby. Owlet has designed a way for parents to monitor their newborn’s vitals through a bootie that the child can wear while asleep. Using a mobile device, you can check up on your baby’s heartrate and respiration, helping to reduce incidences of SIDS. The company, based in Provo, Utah, has earned $8.97 million in funding in three rounds from 15 investors.


Omni tech startup

Omni has developed a way for virtual reality users to explore virtual worlds similarly to how they’d navigate the real world. Omni lets you walk, jump or run around an environment naturally and even use your hands to interact with a virtual world, giving it a more life-like experience. Omni is based in Austin, TX and earned $8.38 million in funding in five rounds from 15 investors.

Samba TV

Samba TV tech startup

Samba TV offers smart TV apps either through a set-top box or built directly into a TV as well as on a second screen. The San Francisco-based company earned $8.16 million in funding in three rounds from seven investors. Omni offers more than just streaming, however, as it also integrates social media, news and notifications to create a holistic interactive media experience.