by Lyria Charles

How to unlock your potential and live a life you love!

Jan 14, 2016
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With the new year starting youu2019re probably thinking about making changes; making new resolutions u2013 and wondering how this year is going to be any different from last year. Learn how to make this year the best year ever!

It’s 2016 and you may be wondering: what happened to 2015?!

The year went by in a flash. You had a number of goals you wanted to reach. Things you wanted to do for yourself or your family. 

But somehow those things never got done. 

Your intentions were in the right place. Yet you never seemed to find the time or energy to get traction on the things that were really important to you.

Or maybe you’re feeling stuck in a rut and wondering if there is anything more life has to offer.

Your personal dreams and aspirations have taken a back seat and you’re doing what you need to do to “just get by.”

With the new year starting you’re probably thinking about making changes; making new resolutions –  and wondering how this year is going to be any different from last year.

I’ve heard it said that some people live 90 years, and some people live the same year 90 times.  They just repeat the same cycle.

If this sounds like you, then it’s time to break out of your routine.

And it starts with the power of intention.

You can wish and hope for a lot of things. But without the power of intention, you’re not likely to make those things a reality.

The power of intention begins with taking a time out from your daily grind to consider what you really want for your life: your career, family, finances, health, lifestyle, relationships, vacations, and everything that is important to you.

When you are clear about your intentions you are more empowered and inspired to make those things a reality in your life.

So how do you get clear about your intentions?  How do you create a vision for the life you would love to have?

My business partner, Dr. Annette Gibbs-Skervin, and I created a guided visualization that takes you through every area of your life.  This audio visualization helps you step out of the confines of your current situation and create a picture of what you want for your life.

You’re going to gain a new perspective of yourself. And you will have the energy and momentum you need to create the life that you want.

I challenge you to stop living the same year over and over, and instead gain a new intention for your life.

You can start your new life by visiting this link to our guided visualization.

Cheers and Happy New Year!