by James A. Martin

Adobe Voice for iPhone lets you quickly create video slideshows

Jan 26, 2016
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Adobe Voice is now available for iPhone, and the free tool makes it easy for creative professionals (or anyone else) to build custom multimedia slideshows and share them via social media and the cloud.

Nearly two years ago, I reviewed Adobe’s then-new, iPad-only Adobe Voice app. At the time, I deemed it a terrific tool for digital marketers and others who want to tell stories using voice, music, and images, and then share them online.

Adobe just updated its Voice app, and it now supports iPhones. The app is still useful and still free, though it’s much easier to use on an iPad’s larger display than an iPhone screen.

How to create custom video using Adobe Voice for iPhone

The app is a dead-simple tool for marketers, business professionals, family historians, or practically anyone. (See examples on Adobe’s website.) First, you select a template, each with a purpose or call-to-action (such as “Teach a Lesson” or “Tell What Happened”), or create a custom look from scratch.

Next, you tap the “+” sign to add an icon from an in-app library; a photo from your camera roll or an Adobe Creative Cloud, Lightroom, Dropbox, or Facebook account; or take a picture with your camera. Then you hold down the microphone icon to record the narration you want to accompany each image, and let go when you’re done. That’s about it. In just a few minutes, you have a custom slideshow with voice narration and background music.

You can easily rearrange the images in your file, choose different background tunes (including songs from your iPhone library), adjust the layout, and more. Though Adobe Voice is a streamlined, simple app, it gives you some control. You don’t have too many options, but the app includes just enough settings for novices to quickly and easily create multimedia presentations, and then adjust them a bit.

You can share finished slideshow on Facebook or Twitter; via email or SMS; copy them to the clipboard; or save them to the iPhone’s Camera Roll, which gives you further sharing options, including the ability to post to your website.

Adobe Voice not the only game in town

Other, similar apps let you create multimedia slideshows. Storehouse (free for Android and iOS) is another popular option that lets you include video as well as photos in your slideshows. Instagram and Vine also offer comparable features, but they’re best suited for brief video clips or in Instagram’s case, stand-alone images.

Adobe Voice is different than any other app I’ve encountered. It’s not for graphics professionals who are used to sophisticated tools and controls, and who want to fine-tune their creations. Instead, it’s for everyone else who wants a quick way to tell visual stories. It’s definitely worth a download. If you spend just five minutes figuring the app out, you’ll likely find a few useful ways to put Adobe Voice to work in your job, personal life, or both.