by Swapnil Bhartiya

LinuxONE gets flexible pricing and enhanced support for hybrid cloud environments

Jan 26, 2016
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IBM is bringing refreshed versions of its LinuxONE systems to the market that will offer more speed and processing power.rn

IBM announced the LinuxONE systems at LinuxCon Seattle last year. The LinuxONE family is comprised of two Linux powered mainframe computers: LinuxONE Emperor and LinuxONE Rockhopper. Emperor is a super expensive monster of a machine that is capable of scaling up to 8,000 virtual machines or thousands of containers, currently the most of any single Linux system. LinuxONE Rockhopper is an entry-level system targeted at clients and emerging markets that want mainframe capabilities.

Now, the company is optimizing its Cloudant and StrongLoop technologies for LinuxONE. The new features will offer a highly scalable environment on Node.js, which enables developers to write applications for the server side using the language they prefer.

To make LinuxONE more affordable, IBM introduced flexible, cloud-like pricing during SUSECon last year. SUSE remains a close partner of IBM on LinuxONE systems. SUSE was one of the first Linux companies to offer elastic, flexible pricing for SLE for LinuxONE systems.

IBM and SUSE are also working together on OpenStack for LinuxONE and IBM will use SUSE tools to manage public, private and hybrid clouds running on LinuxONE.

In addition to that IBM is also adding support for more software and has ported Google’s Go programming language to run on LinuxONE.

IBM has also optimized the Open Managed Runtime project (OMR) for LinuxONE.

In March 2016 IBM will offer its IOP (IBM Open Platform) to LinuxONE customers at no extra cost. IOP includes a set of Apache-based capabilities for analytics and big data. The components supported include Apache Spark, Apache HBase and more, as well as Apache Hadoop 2.7.1.

Canonical is also all set for LinuxONE systems. In an interview at SCaLE 14x Mark Shuttleworth, the founder of Canonical, told me that the upcoming release of Ubuntu, codenamed Xenial Xerus, will fully support LinuxONE systems.