by Larry Stofko

Concentric use of information

Jan 29, 2016
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The three P's of big data.

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The health care industry has a lot to gain from the fruits of big data. There’s more potential than ever before as we begin to analyze and use the wealth of data that is available to us today.

Careful and timely collection of massive data as it relates to person, place, and population can reveal new and exciting insights that will result in more intelligent and effective patient care globally.

concentric use of information


In the near future, a full set of all available information from multiple systems should be in place at the individual patient level. This should include all clinical encounter data, personal health, and genetic information.

Genomic sequencing tests are predicted to be as low as $100. Therefore, this affordability will create a new paradigm whereby crunching genetic data sets to generate precision and personalized treatments will become common practice.


At the point of care, we’ll be able to compare our genetics with “patients like us” for real-time clinical decision support to make the most appropriate decisions in our care plan. We’ll know what to expect and how to better care for ourselves and our loved ones.


A complete set of de-identified data should be available for population health assessment and identification of trends for research, planning, and population health management.

Ultimately, data-driven intelligence — including predictive models that are generated from correlations and commonalities across person, place and population — will help us to create new prevention and treatment innovations that capitalize on previously untapped insights.