2008 CIO Hall of Fame

This year's inductees truly epitomize business technology leadership

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  • Putting the Customer First
  • Robert Willett, CEO, Best Buy International and CIO, Best Buy
  • Joined Best Buy as EVP of Operations in 2003. Responsible for supply chain, sourcing, dotcom, IT and enterprise transformation.
  • Developed strategy for key enablers from supply chain to back-office systems utilizing cutting edge technologies.
  • Within IT, created a structure of business information officers who are fully integrated into the business.
  • Extended retail-oriented architecture to accommodate interface with scheduling routing and dispatch that enables Geek Squad customers to enter the system and choose a convenient service time—a retail first.
  • Built service-oriented architecture to equip enterprise with multiple capabilities across 13 countries.
  • Provides capability to store GMs to monitor store manager's workbench, customer P&Ls and product solutions, which are updated every 7 seconds and provide full P&Ls by customer segment to 140,000 store employees.
  • With team, eliminated technology "hair ball" of 740 applications and technologies, plus over 65,000 interfaces—reduced by 70 percent.
  • Named special director to Best Buy Board.
  • Global managing partner of Accenture's retail practice. Oversaw SMART store program showing how technology drives innovation.
  • Board member of CIO Executive Council.
  • Received 2008 CIO 100 Award.
  • Willett "has enabled the company to move faster and pursue more far-reaching strategies than anyone else in our company's IT history," says Best Buy CEO Brad Anderson. Willett's efforts allow the company to think about and use IT in less-traditional ways. "Bob has the ability to challenge you in what you believe are the facts," says Best Buy's CISO Deb Dixson. By always asking, "Why not?" when approaching a solution, "his questions change people's minds about how to think about IT," says Dixson.
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