2008 CIO Hall of Fame

This year's inductees truly epitomize business technology leadership

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  • Delivering for the Business
  • Dave Barnes, SVP and CIO, UPS
  • Started UPS career as a part-time package loader in 1977.
  • Held key positions during its global expansion efforts in the late 1980s and early 1990s, combining his knowledge of finance, the industry, daily business operations and technology.
  • Lead business manager on development of International Shipments Processing System, a Computerworld Smithsonian award-winning software application developed internally.
  • Special projects manager during start-up phase of UPS Airlines in 1986, one of the fastest-growing airlines in FAA history.
  • In 2001 took on Information Services Customer Technology Portfolio, managing virtually all UPS technology initiatives that directly touched the customer, including UPS.com.
  • Led customer technology, customer development, and operations and transportation development as VP of application portfolios.
  • Rolled out route-planning software that cut 29 million miles off delivery routes last year, saving more than 3 million gallons of fuel and reducing CO2 emissions by more than 31,000 metric tons.
  • With team, developed UPS's innovative integrated delivery network, which uses technology to combine its home, ground and overnight delivery networks into one seamless system.
  • Barnes's long tenure with the company and his depth of knowledge about IT and the fundamentals of the industry make him a valued contributor to UPS's strategy and execution, says CFO Kurt Kuehn. "He is able to blend tremendous knowledge of the business with his understanding of the technological infrastructure and capabilities," says Kuehn.
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