2008 CIO Hall of Fame

This year's inductees truly epitomize business technology leadership

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  • Tech Visionary
  • John Puckett, CIO of Central Research and Development and IT CTO, DuPont
  • Credited for pioneering open systems and adoption of TCP/IP.
  • At DuPont, introduced new and emerging technologies to improve security of intellectual property and new malware 3.0 attack vectors. Provides vision, guidance on standards, strategy, design and implementation of complex technology initiatives. Board member of DuPont Photonics.
  • Corporate officer, vice president and general manager of Wireless & Internet Technologies at Polaroid.
  • CIO of Toysmart.com and BBN.
  • Member of CEO's executive staff and strategic planning committee at BBN. Elected corporate officer by board of directors in 1995.
  • Ran GTE Internetworking Web hosting and services business after acquisition by BBN.
  • As executive manager of Global Business Development at Sun Microsystems, created and developed SunNetwork's business worldwide.
  • At Foxboro Co., initiated and managed global five-year strategic plan for Corporate Enterprise Network Computing; the entire corporate initiative reduced order cycle time by 75 percent; IT expenses worldwide cut by more than 40 percent; initiative won numerous awards.
  • In 1982, developed and automated revolutionary standardized business process for new high-tech computer products that encompassed sales, systems, engineering operations, distribution facilities and manufacturing plants in 12 countries, resulting in financial savings.
  • Received Computerworld's "Premier 100 IT Leader" award.
  • Puckett practices what he preaches in heading up the innovation process, says Phuong Tram, DuPont's CIO and VP of IT. "He scans the horizon of technology to see what we can use and what we can't," says Tram. DuPont CISO Larry Brock agrees. He recalls how, in a planing and strategy meeting, Puckett insisted that they needed to look out 20 to 50 years, then set strategies and plans for the next three to five years. "John always stretches the team to look beyond our current understanding," Brock says.
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