2008 CIO Hall of Fame

This year's inductees truly epitomize business technology leadership

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  • Entrepreneurial Spirit
  • Geir Ramleth, SVP and CIO, Bechtel
  • Responsible for Bechtel's IS&T's infrastructure technology operations, software applications development and deployment of technology solutions into business lines and projects. Instituted and led eSTOP initiative, achieving a 25 percent to 30 percent reduction in costs.
  • Chairman, CEO and founder of Digiplex, a communications and network facilities company.
  • In 1998 launched Geirheads, a private investment and advisory firm focused on fast-growing technology companies.
  • Founded Genuity, a Bechtel subsidiary, in 1995; as president and CEO, built it into industry leader in Internet service business.
  • Manager of commercial systems at Bechtel, responsible for consolidating all commercial systems activities. Built and managed automated Transaction Processing Center, reducing operating expenses by more than 50 percent.
  • Director of Oracle's applications consulting practice.
  • VP and CFO for Pagemart.
  • As manager of Controller Project Systems at Bechtel in 1989, headed team to test and select accounting systems for all company divisions. Led to one of the largest commercial software license agreements.
  • li>Member of the executive committee of the Roundtable Program, Center for Digital Strategy, Tuck School of Business at Dartmouth College.
  • Hans Brechbuhl, the executive director of the Tuck School's Center for Digital Strategy, learned about Ramleth's strengths as an innovator while working with him at the Roundtable on Digital Strategies. "What Geir does really well is to question the status quo. He is not one of these people that just gets something into reasonable shape and rolls with it," Brechbuhl says. Ramleth stands out both for his focus on innovation and his drive to get projects implemented. "Some people constantly question things, so much so that they never get things done," he says. "Geir gets the ideas moving and then actually implements them."
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