8 Reasons Why CIOs Think Their Application Developers Are Clueless

Sure, CIOs can be clueless. But so can the programming staff. It's time for the other side of the story: CIOs and IT managers explain just how out-of-it their application development staff can be.

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8. Developers Don't Understand Staffing

One CIO says that developers think that profitable companies shouldn't have layoffs, which the CIO feels is clueless. "That's like saying as long as the flowers are growing, you shouldn't prune," the CIO says. "Efficient companies need prune back in areas they grow out of to preserve the strength of the overall company."

In addition, the CIO says that many developers think offshoring is un-American. The Hudson Institute Center forecasts that by 2014 the U.S. economy will need 9 million more degree holders than will be available, offers the CIO. "Offshoring IT helps CIOs to manage this gap," the CIO says.

BONUS: What CIOs Admit They Do Wrong

Several CIOs who read "9 Reasons Why Application Developers Think Their CIO Is Clueless" article admitted some fault in communication and relationship breakdowns that can occur. Notes one CIO, on why each side can appear clueless: "Failure of the organization to provide transparency between business units to help everyone understand each other's role in supporting the vision and mission."

Another CIO says the problem is that "Most organizations are structured to build barriers between the user community and the development community. This is especially the case when development is outsourced," notes the CIO. "Organizations place liaisons (or business consultants) as interfaces to the business. Developers are therefore at quite a distance from the business and risk losing touch with what's really important to drive the business."

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