20 Crazy Things People Do to Get Wi-Fi Connections

Results from a new survey show the unsafe, illegal and downright bizarre things people do for Wi-Fi access.

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"Held my laptop out a window to get the Wi-Fi next door so I could send an important email."

Editor's note: Hope it was one of those rugged notebooks.

"Sat outside an airport for 4 hours so I could use the free wireless across the street."

Editor's note: Good thing her flight was delayed.

"I've done a lot of crazy things but I'll never be able to admit it or I'd lose my dignity."

Editor's note: Tease.

"Moved throughout my home because of connection problems, I found myself sitting in a ducky chair in my toddler's room because that is where I got the best connection."

Editor's note: That's just quackers.

"Using dial up."

Editor's note: That's desperate.

"I think a laundromat is the strangest one I ever hooked up to."

Editor's note: We agree.

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