How to Read Ads for CIO Jobs

By paying attention to the language hiring managers use in job ads and the emphasis they place on certain skills and requirements, you can determine more quickly and easily what the job is really about, and thus, what to highlight on your resume to get noticed.

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Education & Competencies:

Masters degree in information technology or computer science and ten years of experience in a senior-level information technology position is required.

Strong experience in both PeopleSoft and Oracle environments, system interfaces, digital data warehousing and distribution.

10+ years of experience working in a management role in software implementation and development, operations and technology infrastructure.

Proven success in designing, implementing and delivering products.

Willingness to work a flexible schedule and travel as needed.

Proven success in cost control and delivering ROI.

Experience managing multiple projects

Proficient in MS Office suite software, ERP systems, database operations, project management software and tools.

Thorough understanding of internet marketing, technology and philosophical concepts including e-commerce, advertising/sponsorship, promotion, online community, content delivery, user interaction, database storage/security/operations, and project management.

Ability to communicate highly technical information in a comprehensive manner to all levels of the company.

Must have professional written and verbal communication and interpersonal skills.

Ability to motivate teams to produce quality materials within tight timeframes and simultaneously manage several projects.

Gordon notes that the ad doesn't say much about the leadership style the company is looking for in its CIO. The fact that the job ad doesn't emphasize leadership skills and style may indicate that this CIO role isn't really seen as a true executive leadership position in the company.

Ability to participate in and facilitate group meetings.

Knowledge of contracting, negotiating and change management.

Knowledge of information technology computer systems and software and the ability to manage the entire spectrum of information technology operations.

Experience with implementation of information technology integrations in a large division/company.

Strong knowledge and experience in Oracle and PeopleSoft environments. Version 8.4 or higher.

What You Should Highlight on Your Resume If You're Interested in Applying for a Position Like the One at Household Products Manufacturer

1. Successful PeopleSoft implementation experience, with details on the scope and duration of the implementation as well as ROI.

2. Experience assessing infrastructure capabilities.

3. Ability to get buy-in for infrastructure investments.

4. Systems integration experience.

5. Strategic planning abilities.

6. Describe your leadership style.

--M. Levinson


Household Products Manufacturer offers competitive salary, bonus and benefit program (medical, dental, vision, 401K, vacation, flexible spending accounts, life insurance and short and long term disability).

Salary is $160,000.

"That's not C-level compensation," says Gordon. "That's light for a VP as well."


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