Africell Launches New Services in Sierra Leone

Africell Sierra Leone has launched three new services for its subscribers - Intelligent Clip, SMS2Email and Call Me for free.

Regional Director Joe Abass Bangura said the rollout is part of Africell's drive to ensure that the communications needs and desires of its subscribers are met.

The Intelligent Clip (also known as ICLIP) is described as a 24-hour personal assistant, allowing subscribers to control the way they receive calls and ensuring they are informed, via text message, of unsuccessful attempts to call them. SMS2Email enables users to send e-mails from their mobile phones at the price of normal SMS (short messaging service), and Call Me for free allows subscribers who have run out of call credits to send 100 free SMSes per month.

Africell, the fourth licensed GSM operator in Sierra Leone, also recently launched the Number for Life service, which gives network users unlimited validity on their SIM cards for life. Other networks in the country still determine the validity period on the basis of the amount of recharged call credits.


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