Africell Starts Biggest Promotion in History of Sierra Leone

One of Sierra Leone's mobile-phone operators has started giving out money in a promotional campaign tagged as the biggest in the history of the country.

Africell Lintel launched its "Mega prize part 2" promotion earlier this month, under which 20 subscribers are to win Le100 million (US$33,333) weekly until the total hits Le2 billion.

"This is the biggest prize money ever to be offered in a lottery draw in the history of Sierra Leone," said Africell Chief Commercial Officer Joe Amara Bangali. The campaign will run until Sept. 21, when the final drawing is held, he said.

The first winning number, held by Sahr Mahoney, was drawn May 11.

In the past two years, Celtel (SL) had offered two houses in promotions, with a value of Le300 million each, and also offered a vehicle as a consolation prize, but that marketing campaign didn't exceed Africell Lintel's contest.


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