BlackBerry Bible: Everything You Need to Know About Your RIM Smartphone--and PlayBook Tablet

From keyboard shortcuts and tricks from mobile experts, to free software downloads, battery life tips, device reviews and insider commentary, we offer you our expert guide to help you master your smartphone and earn a BlackBerry black belt.

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BlackBerry at CES 2010: RIM Booth Tour in Images

Are you a "CrackBerry" addict or gadget fiend who couldn't make it to Las Vegas for the 2010 Consumer Electronics Show this year? Fret not.'s Al Sacco is on the scene, where he snapped piles of photos from RIM's BlackBerry exhibit that are sure to transfer you directly to the center of the action--in mind, at least.

RIM BlackBerry Bold "9700:" T-Mobile USA's First 3G BlackBerry?

While Research In Motion (RIM) has not yet officially announced the successor to its BlackBerry Bold 9000 smartphone, the Bold "9700" or "Onyx/Driftwood," pre-release users continue to leak device information and pictures. Just yesterday, an image of the new Bold with T-Mobile branding popped up, suggesting that the Bold 9700/Onyx could be the first 3G BlackBerry to grace T-Mobile's U.S. network.

Why the Low-End BlackBerry Curve 8520 is First to Get RIM's New Trackpad

The new BlackBerry Curve 8520 hits T-Mobile USA stores today, along with a brand new BlackBerry "trackpad."'s Al Sacco calls shenanigans on RIM's "official" reason why the low-end, entry-level Curve is first get the BlackBerry trackpad and offers up his own possible explanation.

BlackBerry App World: Nine Must-Do Fixes for RIM's App Store

Ever since BlackBerry-maker Research In Motion (RIM) launched its BlackBerry App World mobile software store last spring, the on-device app-channel has received a flood of negative feedback from users and developers. Here's's Al Sacco's opinion on nine key fixes RIM must make to revamp--and resuscitate--BlackBerry App World.

screenshot of BlackBerry App World Icon
BlackBerry App World Icon

BlackBerry Desktop Software for Mac: Four Things You Didn't Know

Research In Motion (RIM) Product Manager Andrey Feldman offers up four previously unknown facts about the company's upcoming BlackBerry Desktop Software for Macintosh computer users. For example, there's a new feature built-in that makes it more difficult for users to load leaked or unofficial software.

The Mobile WorkHorse Blog

Al Sacco writes about (and drools over) anything and everything mobile or wireless as it applies to the global workforce--with a focus on BlackBerry smartphones. Follow this blog on Twitter: @MobileWorkHorse.

Best of WES 2009: The Top 10 BlackBerry Products and Services

Research In Motion (RIM) held its annual Wireless Enterprise Symposium (WES) this week in Orlando, Fla., and though there were countless BlackBerry products and services on display, ten of them really stood out from the crowd. Here are our favorite BlackBerry-related offerings from WES 2009.

BlackBerry at CTIA: Virtual Tour of RIM's BlackBerry Booth

Couldn't make it to Las Vegas for CTIA Wireless Spring 2009 and Research In Motion's BlackBerry App World announcement? No worries. We bring the show to you in this virtual tour of RIM's CTIA BlackBerry booth.

BlackBerry Milestones: Four Fun Facts You Didn't Know About RIM

Last year was a significant one for BlackBerry-maker Research In Motion (RIM), and if the company has its way, 2009 will be even more momentous. In 2008, RIM announced at least four brand new devices--the Pearl 8220, Bold, Storm and Curve 8900; it rolled out a plethora of new OS updates for version 4.5, 4.6 and 4.7; the company held its first BlackBerry Developer Conference; and even launched the on-device BlackBerry Application Center for Storm users. But you probably know all that. Here are four more little-known factoids about RIM.

BlackBerry Backdating: What RIM Execs' Settlement Means (Hint: Not Much)

Research In Motion (RIM) executives have ended an intensive, multiple-year investigation into the company's past stock-backdating practices by settling with Canada's Ontario Securities Commission (OSC) for US$62.5 million (C$77 million). The fines will be paid back to the company by RIM executives, one of whom will also be required to temporarily cede his post on its board of directors--though he'll stay on as co-CEO. While $62 million certainly is not chump change, and RIM's board probably isn't pleased with losing one of its own, the backdating scandal shouldn't have much of a lasting effect on the BlackBerry-maker, its products or its customer base. Here's why.

BlackBerry Storm: Hot, Hot or Tempest in a Tea Pot?

Since its release last month, users of Research In Motion's (RIM) BlackBerry Storm have had a bit of a love/hate relationship with the device. Early Storm adopters either saw promise in the smartphone immediately, despite the poor quality OS code Verizon Wireless sold it with. Or they blasted the BlackBerry maker and cursed the carrier for shipping a smartphone that simply wasn't ready for the masses. This week, conflicting news reports raise the question: Has the BlackBerry Storm been a success for RIM and Verizon or a slow failure?

BlackBerry Storm Blasted by David Pogue: Why NYT Storm Review is a "Dud"

The world's first touch screen BlackBerry, the Storm, landed in the United States late last month, and much to RIM's chagrin, the device has already been slammed by a number of high profile gadget reviewers, including the New York Times' David Pogue, who dubbed the Storm "the BlackBerry Dud." That's fine. Opinions are just that: opinions. We've all got 'em. The problem is that Pogue's review misrepresents the new BlackBerry, which, though far from perfect, shows some real potential--at least in my opinion. Here's why.

BlackBerry Storm vs. iPhone 3G: 8 Reasons to Pick the Storm

With the new BlackBerry Storm set to hit U.S shelves next week, many smartphone enthusiasts looking to go the touch screen route will soon have to make a decision between RIM's first touch device and the popular iPhone 3G. In this second installment of a two-part series we offer up eight reasons to embrace the Storm.

As RIM Seeks New Apps for BlackBerry Application Storefront, Memory Problem Looms

Research In Motion (RIM) this week distributed an e-mail to registered BlackBerry developers notifying them that they can now begin submitting mobile applications for possible inclusion in the company's upcoming mobile software distribution channel, the BlackBerry Application Storefront. That store's expected to open in March.

BlackBerry Curve 8900 (T-Mobile): How to Know if the New Curve is for You

Research in Motion (RIM) and T-Mobile USA on Tuesday announced the latest addition to the BlackBerry maker's U.S. lineup: The BlackBerry Curve 8900. With so many new BlackBerrys landing on the scene in recent months, including the touch screen Storm, consumer-oriented Pearl Flip and the high-end Bold, picking a new 'Berry can be a bit overwhelming. Here are a few reasons why the new Curve might be a good fit for you.

RIM BlackBerry Curve 8900
RIM BlackBerry Curve 8900

RIM: BlackBerry "Atomic" Trackball Rumors Untrue

A few months ago, shortly after images of a then-unidentified BlackBerry device with a darkly-colored trackball surfaced on the Web, a nasty rumor began circulating that suggested the trackball was not only a new color, but that it had also been modified and enhanced to better repel dirt, dust and other debris from the insides of handhelds. This black "atomic" trackball also supposedly made navigating the new device "silky smooth." So why's that so nasty, you ask? Well, because this trackball tale just isn't true.

BlackBerry Curve 8350i: Is Sprint Getting the Short End of RIM's Stick?

Sprint Nextel is now selling Research In Motion's (RIM) latest smartphone, the BlackBerry Curve 8350i, a revamped version of the Curve 8300 built specifically for the Nextel iDEN network and Sprint's push-to-talk service. While the device is impressive, it's no Storm, Bold or, some may argue, even a Pearl 8220 Flip. So with Verizon Wireless, AT&T and T-Mobile all getting first dibs on RIM's newest product lines, why is Sprint only just now getting a new version of the old Curve?

BlackBerry Virtualization Video: BlackBerry OS In Action on Windows Mobile

Yesterday, a collection of images showing RIM's BlackBerry operating system (OS) running on a Windows Mobile-powered HTC Fuze surfaced, sending bloggers and tech writers into a tizzy over the possibilities of being able to run the BlackBerry OS on non-RIM devices.

CrackBerry: True Tales of BlackBerry Use and Abuse (Book Review)

Never before has the BlackBerry brand been more visible in both the business and consumer worlds. For Research In Motion (RIM), as well as your average smartphone user, that's mostly a good, ne great, thing. However, there's a dark side to this deluge of BlackBerry use: an equally large outgrowth of CrackBerry abuse.

CrackBerry: True Tales of BlackBerry Use and Abuse
CrackBerry: True Tales of BlackBerry Use and Abuse

Mac BlackBerry Users Rejoice: RIM Promises New Mac Tools in 2009

The future is bright for Apple Mac users who love their RIM BlackBerrys. That's because new, Mac-compatible tools for BlackBerry users are expected within the first half of 2009. Wireless services that will address BlackBerry-related issues for Mac users are also on the horizon.

Should BlackBerry Users Demand Overtime Pay? Some Lawyers Advise Drafting Corporate Use Policies Now

As more businesspeople pick up BlackBerrys, the issue of what 24/7 connectivity means to the organizations that issue such devices to their employees is coming to light. And a recent fracas between ABC-TV, a handful of its writers and producers and the Writer's Guild of America may be a harbinger of things to come.

Apple iPhone 3G This, RIM BlackBerry Bold That: How Important is 3G REALLY?

With the unveiling of Research In Motion's BlackBerry Bold in May and Apple's next-generation iPhone 3G a month later, there's been a lot of hype around third-generation (3G) data connections for smartphones. Frankly, we're not sure what all the fuss is about.

RIM BlackBerry Bold: At About $400, Pricier than iPhone 3G -- For Good Reason

Research In Motion is expected to release its much anticipated, 3G smartphone, the BlackBerry Bold, in North America within the coming weeks, but the steep price tag tied to the new device just may come as a surprise to many of the folks eagerly awaiting its release.

RIM Co-CEO Jim Balsillie Talks Up "BlackBerry Lifestyle" at CTIA

RIM plans to dominate the smartphone market by creating a "BlackBerry lifestyle," says RIM Co-CEO Jim Balsillie, with new (or improved offerings) such as expanded e-mail and IM capabilities, wireless access to social network sites and more.

RIM co-CEO Lazaridis on the iPhone, Mobile Device Management, and the Best BlackBerry Product You've Never Heard Of

Mike Lazaridis, Research In Motion (RIM) co-CEO, sat down with CIO at WES: Here's the BlackBerry chief's take on the biggest challenges for CIOs tackling enterprise mobility, the arch-rival Apple iPhone and RIM's little-known Bluetooth smart card reader.

BlackBerry Gets a 'Lil IBM Lotus Love: New Collaboration, Developer Tools Due in '09

BlackBerry-maker Research In Motion (RIM) and IBM have announced that the two companies will soon be offering new Lotus collaboration tools, as well as a couple of new utilities for BlackBerry developers, in a push to make collaborating in real-time and while on the go, simpler and more effective for the companies business customers.

BlackBerry Enterprise Server (BES) 4.1 SP5 Hits the Web: What's in It for You

Research In Motion (RIM) has released the latest version of its BlackBerry Enterprise Server (BES) software, version 4.1 service pack 5 (SP5), and it includes some new features for smartphone users and IT staffers--but many won't be available until an upgraded handheld operating system becomes available.

RIM's BlackBerry Bold 9000
RIM's BlackBerry Bold 9000

Memo to BlackBerry-Maker RIM: How to Steal Back the Apple iPhone Spotlight

Apple deserves a big ol' pat on the back for making the iPhone seem like the greatest thing to happen to mobile users--consumers and businesspeople alike--since the notebook computer itself. But it's time for RIM to start throwing its weight around...before it's too late.

Why Your BlackBerry Makes Speakers Buzz

Ever wondered why your BlackBerry or other GSM phone makes nearby speakers buzz like disgruntled honey bees? We did, so we asked RIM. Here's what the company had to say, as well as a few ways to muffle the buzz.

Apple iPhone a True RIM BlackBerry Rival in the Enterprise? Not So Fast...

The iPhone took some significant steps towards becoming a viable business device yesterday with Apple's release of the iPhone SDK as well as some related enterprise improvements. But hold the phone: Apple still has a lot of work to do before the iPhone becomes a true BlackBerry rival.

BlackBerrys Taking Up More IT Support Time, Effort Than Any Other Mobile Devices??

A recent poll of more than 800 people suggests that IT departments are spending more time and resources supporting BlackBerrys than any other mobile devices. In fact, the poll suggests that IT's spending nearly six times as much effort on BlackBerry support than on other mobile gadgets--though there are a number of reasons to question the finding.

BlackBerry Addiction and You: The Detox Challenge

For many of us, "quitting" our BlackBerrys or smartphones, or simply leaving them at work once in a while, isn't even a consideration. And that's really not good. Here's why.

The BlackBerry Addiction Poll: How Much Do You Love Your Smartphone?

Cast your vote in our BlackBerry addiction poll and let us know how you categorize your smartphone use.

BlackBerry, Corporate Smartphone Digital Cameras: Problems and Solutions

The digital cameras built into smartphones like BlackBerrys, Treos or iPhones can be both friend and foe to IT departments and to corporate users. Whether the potential value of such devices justifies their associated risk has much to do with the settings in which the phones--and cameras--are deployed.

Virtualization for Your BlackBerry: The Bayalink Liberty USB Key

Sick and tired of responding to mountains of e-mail with that tiny BlackBerry keyboard? Frustrated with the small size of Word, Excel or PDF attachments on your mobile device's screen? Well thanks to a new BlackBerry virtualization product you can now use a Bluetooth-enabled USB key to view RIM smartphone applications and documents on a PC screen and type with a full-size keyboard.

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