Trendlines: New, Hot, Unexpected

In this issue: The impact a possible recession would have on VC funding; The battle between social networking sites; Security risks associated with remote workers; IT leaders continue to court Wall Street; and By The Numbers: New rules and benchmarks for virtualization management.

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-Laurianne McLaughlin

Working to Live, Not Living to Work

Americans are more chained to their jobs than ever, thanks to their cell phones, BlackBerrys and laptops. Right? Wrong, says an online poll from U.S. workers are career-oriented but are less likely to say they "work to live" than their European counterparts. In fact, 63 percent of U.S. workers and 59 percent of European ones seek rich experiences from life—not necessarily big paychecks from work.

I work to LIVE I live to WORK
Germany 85% 15%
France 83% 17%
U.K. 85% 15%
U.S. 78% 15%
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