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CIO Compensation: Tech Execs Who Make Millions

Salary and benefits for superstar chief information officers range from home security systems to fat cash bonuses. Joe Smialowski, formerly of Freddie Mac, took home the biggest bonus on our list last year: $1,350,000. It's no surprise that financial services firms dominate the list, but other industries made a strong showing, including retail and manufacturing. Click on to see how the other half lives.

Inside San Quentin Prison's IT Crisis

Every day at San Quentin, prisoners must be monitored for communicable diseases and chronic illnesses. That job is nearly impossible with minimal technology for managing inmates' medical records. What if you worked at California's most notorious prison?

Nine Consumer Technologies CIOs Fear

We asked IT decision makers what consumer technologies make them cringe the most. The respondents were allowed to select only one. And while there was a clear consensus on the number-one threat, other technologies struck notes of anxiety for survey respondents. Read on to see what they found worrisome, and feel free to add your comment to the mix, including any consumer IT threat we might have missed.

Geek Chic from the '90s

Hot Tech Toys from the Past: Geek Chic from the '90s Doesn't Look So Cool Today

What a difference a decade makes: Can you believe you used this technology just 10 years ago, then unwound with a game of Doom? Join our look back at your first PDA love, not-so-portable music and the day long before Mac could ridicule PC.

2007 Ones to Watch

CIO's annual Ones to Watch awards identify the rising stars in IT. Get to know the 25 winners for 2007 and learn why they were selected.

IT Urban Legends

They Couldn't Have Done That! Ten IT Urban Legends Exposed

Urban legends have been with us since human beings started sharing stories. The best urban legends are dramatic, unbelievable and told with such frequency that recipients assume they have to be true. Of course, these outlandish stories are totally false. IT is not immune to urban legends; here are some of the most notable that have propagated over the years.

Ten Technology Letdowns of 2007

We had much to hail this year, including rising IT salaries and better virtualization tools, but we also sighed over IT products and ideas that fell short. Read on about what's got us feeling cheated this year. And since misery loves company, please add your own bubble bursts.

Top 10 Tech-Induced Apologies

Technology Made Them Sorry: CIO's Top 10 Tech-Induced Apologies

Unlike love, technology means frequently having to say you're sorry.

State of the CIO 2007: Business Strategists on the Rise

CIOs don't just lead IT shopsthe best are business strategists. More CIOs are reporting to CEOs than in the past and compensation rates overall continue to climb. That's the big picture. Read on to drill down into the data on salaries, IT spending, outsourcing and more.

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