The CIO Hall of Fame: 20 IT Leaders of Accomplishment

Meet the 20 CIOs whose influence and accomplishments have earned them a plaque in CIO's Hall of Fame.

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Reinventing Government

Jim Flyzik

President, The Flyzik Group

“CIOs need to be part of the executive team and establish credibility so they can support the business of the organization. That includes building strong relationships with superiors, peers and subordinates as well as understanding your individual organization’s culture.”

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Implementing the E-Government Act

Deputy Assistant Secretary and CIO of the U.S. Treasury, 1997 to 2002.... Built first and largest civilian government enterprisewide infrastructure at Treasury for all 14 bureaus, eliminating redundancies and reducing administration costs.... Created a governance model to manage the consolidated IT enterprise.... In 2002, became special adviser for IT to White House homeland security director Tom Ridge...headed federal CIO of the primary authors of “Reengineering Through IT,” a series of reports released in 1993 that recommended reinventing government through the use of technology.... Headed the team that implemented those recommendations, including creating numerous citizen websites.

Flyzik won a teaching excellence award in 1998 for a program on information security and risk assessment developed and taught at the Graduate School of Management and Technology at University of Maryland, University College. He has taught the program for 17 years part-time on Saturdays.

Putting the Dot in .Com

Paul Gaffney

COO, Desktone

“Be vulnerable. Invulnerability is the wrong model for leadership. You have to be willing to declare what you don’t know and to admit when you are wrong.”

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Aligning IT Integration Strategy with Business Goals

Practice Safe B2B

Named COO of Desktone in 2006.... In 2003, as EVP and CIO of Staples, designed and led three-year supply chain transformation using existing technology initiative improved operating profit, increased comparable store sales and decreased investment in inventory.... While SVP of technology for Charles Schwab, in 2001 launched Street Smart Pro trading platform for active traders allowed Schwab customers direct access to Nasdaq and other trading venues.... Created business plan and built’s fully integrated e-commerce site, establishing company as a multichannel player.... Built infrastructure for as part of overall IT transformation in the early 1990s.

Gaffney has worked with big brand companies most of his career, but in 1999 he created a venture-funded startup called Website Pros, which provided Web development services to small businesses.

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