The CIO Hall of Fame: 20 IT Leaders of Accomplishment

Meet the 20 CIOs whose influence and accomplishments have earned them a plaque in CIO's Hall of Fame.

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Mr. Enterprise IT

David Kepler

Senior VP and CIO, Dow Chemical

“The more time you spend with technology, the more you understand that technology is about the people who use it. You gain value in using technology by enabling a company in three areas: improving the way people work, making better decisions, and connecting in a more relevant way to customers. Putting in enterprise systems is really about a vision for the future and how it will change people’s lives.”

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Kepler Leads Charge for Change at Dow Chemical

Helped Dow become one of the first companies in the 1990s to install a global ERP system.... Became Dow’s first CIO in 1998...led the implementation of Dow’s first integrated reporting system...helped integrate the company’s IT systems with Union Carbide’s during 2002 merger, saving Dow $1.1 billion.... Launched major IT center in China to support Asian markets’ demand for supply chain, customer service and purchasing functions.... Piloted projects to test RFID, GPS, traditional bar codes and two-way radios to improve supply chain visibility.

Kepler has led other important functions at Dow such as supply chain, purchasing and Six Sigma; he also developed its national cybersecurity strategy. He has worked on the advancement of Dow’s energy and climate change policy and was recently named the company’s first Chief Sustainability Officer.

The Revenue Generator

Shaygan Kheradpir

EVP and CIO, Verizon

“The discussion that the business wants to have today is, ‘How are you going to partner with me to win in the marketplace?’ They see that the world is full of IT innovations that the customer never asked for. When did a customer ever ask for the iPod or Google? Yet once they get them, they can’t live without them.”

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The Past, Present and Future of SOA

Is IT Being Consumed by Consumer IT?

Made IT a revenue generator set up small teams to produce new products and services.... His team created iobi, a connectivity suite launched in 2003 that married the Internet with the public telephone network...then created Verizon’s FiOS (fiber-optic) interactive TV product, voice-over-IP service and the VerizonOne phone.... Embraced consumer IT in the enterprise by deploying instant messaging throughout Verizon in 2001.... Early adopter of service-oriented architecture to integrate systems from the merger that created Verizon in 2000.... Developed and implemented national platforms supporting rollout of Verizon’s all-fiber network, bringing fiber optic to millions of homes.... Selected by National Academy of Engineers as one of the nation’s 85 outstanding young engineers in 1996.... Joined GTE in 1987…named VP of GTE Labs seven years later.

After rolling out IM at Verizon, he gave all employees his screen name in case they wanted to discuss anything about the business or IT.

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