The CIO Hall of Fame: 20 IT Leaders of Accomplishment

Meet the 20 CIOs whose influence and accomplishments have earned them a plaque in CIO's Hall of Fame.

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Risk Taker

Dawn Lepore

Chairman and CEO,

“Keep reinvesting in yourself and learn from everyone around you. Never take your eye off your customer or take them for granted.”

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IT Management Is About Relevance

Former vice chairman of technology, operations and administration, and active trader for Charles Schwab...during her tenure, identified the potential for trading stocks online and launched in 1995, ushering in era of electronic trading...pushed for training of branch workers on Schwab’s e-business systems to increase morale and market share...encouraged Schwab to offer discounted online trades, a move viewed as risky but which paid off as share volume increased....

Joined as Chairman and CEO in 2004...implemented a number of business initiatives that improved margins at the company and have recently led to record sales.... Named one of Fortune’s 50 Most Powerful Women in American Business from 1999 to 2002.

Lepore, at the time a music major, found out she had an knack for computers after she took an aptitude test at Cincinnati Bell in the late 1970s.

Supply Chain Trailblazer

Randy Mott

EVP and CIO, Hewlett-Packard

“Give capable people large challenges and let them surprise you. Give them a chance to use their full potential.”

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IT Integration Strategy

Pioneered retail and supply chain systems, such as merchandising, replenishment and distribution technologies at Wal-Mart...implemented common IT systems and processes as Wal-Mart expanded globally in the 1990s and, during his six years at the helm, almost tripled revenue.... CIO of Dell from 2000–2005....

His mentoring produced 10 C-level executives across multiple industries within the Fortune 100.... Received the Roger Milliken Career Achievement Award in 2007 for contributions to retail and consumer-focused industries through the creation and implementation of supply chain standards and best practices.

Mott has a Harley-Davidson that he rides in the hills of Austin, Texas, whenever he gets a chance.

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