The CIO Hall of Fame: 20 IT Leaders of Accomplishment

Meet the 20 CIOs whose influence and accomplishments have earned them a plaque in CIO's Hall of Fame.

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Ralph Szygenda

Group VP and CIO, General Motors

“My 37 years as a CIO has taught me that business improvement is all that counts. Information technology is useless unless it provides added value to the business and changes the business for the better.”

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GM Takes On Business Alignment and Wins

GM Proves E-Business Matters

Led GM’s global transformation through the use of IT and its influence on business process reengineering.... Since 1996, as GM’s first-ever CIO, has removed $12 billion of IT costs and reinvested $7 billion into new IT development...reduced vehicle development cycle and delivery time to customers by more than 50 percent by consolidating 23 CAD/CAM systems into one global system.... Szygenda and his team played a significant role in GM’s success in China…implemented critical IT to modify product at GM China’s Engineering Center.... Developed systems to support GM’s OnStar system, which provides in-vehicle safety and communications to 4.5 million customers.

Szygenda developed an integrated business and information technology curriculum for MBAs because that combined perspective was not being taught to business students. He feels it’s important for CIOs to give back to society and help the next generation of business and IT leaders.

From Cashier to Business Leader

Kevin Turner

COO, Microsoft Corp.

“Being a CIO is a 7-by-24-by-365 job. Businesses run on infrastructure and the business of technology. Even when you’re off, you have to be reachable. It’s a job that is difficult to unplug.”

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How to Succeed in Business at All Levels

Wal-Mart: IT Inside the World's Biggest Company

Served as CIO of Wal-Mart and CEO of Sam’s Club…enabled both to expand during rapid business and IT growth.... Current COO of Microsoft.... Known for his ability to mesh business strategy and IT capability....

In 1997, Turner became the first recipient of the Sam M. Walton Entrepreneur of the Year award, a very high honor at Wal-Mart.... Instrumental in developing retail-specific applications (such as RetailLink) at Wal-Mart to achieve complete inventory and supply chain transparency with suppliers....Began Wal-Mart career as a cashier in 1985.

His “team first” approach is legendary. “It’s the people you work with that determine your success,” he says.

The Big Picture

Carl Wilson

EVP and CIO, Marriott International

“Well-informed people normally do the right thing. Alternately, if you don’t let people know what is expected of them, don’t be surprised if it doesn’t happen.”

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The CIO Role Yesterday, Today and Tomorrow

How Marriott Built an IT System to Maximize Revenue

With his team, introduced industry’s first high-speed Internet access offered in guest rooms.... Implemented reservation system…system generates more than $4 billion in annual revenue.... Developed Rewarding Welcome application to personalize guest response for Marriott Rewards members....

Transformed physical networks into a virtual private network…saved $15 million annually…improved network response times by 60 percent.... Implemented industry-leading ERP systems to support shared service centers for HR and financial systems...consolidated group revenue functions into one Web-based system starting in 2001.

Wilson credits his career success to a position he held early on at Central Soya Co. At that company, he conducted special studies for senior executives and board members. Wilson says this gave him the opportunity to see and understand how executives thought and made decisions, which has served him well throughout his career.


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