Salesforce Launches Web Dev Platform for On-Demand Software on Friday announced a new rich Web platform for building on-demand business software that it hopes will lead to an "explosion" of applications, similar to that currently occurring with Facebook's popular Web 2.0 site.

Showing its usual talent for catchphrases, the San Francisco-based firm is calling a free "platform as a service" that will enable even nonprogrammers to easily create attractive online applications that connect with others in the growing ecosystem.

"Once you provide the openness, we think you will see an explosion of apps analogous to Facebook," said Ariel Kelman, senior director of platform product marketing at

In addition to 50 objects created by that Kelman said can be dragged and dropped like desktop widgets, developers can create and edit code in HTML, JavaScript or Adobe Systems' Flex language.

"We want to keep the simple things simple and make the complex things possible," Kelman said.

Applications can have their own look and feel, independent of those offered by And while they can be hosted for free on's servers, developers can also create their own URLs. will be demonstrated at next week's DreamForce conference in San Francisco, with a preview version made available to attendees. For nonattendees, the developer preview will be available sometime in the fourth quarter.

Kelman said differs from Apex, a Java-like programming language the company rolled out at its Dreamforce conference one year ago because the latter is aimed at developers building the guts or business logic of an application. also runs an on-demand software marketplace called AppExchange, where it hosts on-demand software created with partners.

All are attempts by the company to create a thriving ecosystem of software that will help its flagship CRM service better compete with established multiapplication vendors such as SAP, Oracle and Microsoft.

At its conference call in August after its second quarter earnings report, said that after a year and a half, AppExchange has 48,000 registered developers working independently or for 348 independent software vendors that have created 642 applications.

By contrast, since launching its Facebook Platform debuted in May, Facebook now has more than 3,500 applications. The system's success has been credited with helping the social networking service overtake and pass early leader

For software vendors or companies with existing Web applications, Kelman said that much of the code can "slide" straight into the environment without much rewriting. However, business logic and other under-the-cover code will need to be rewritten to hook in properly with's CRM service or with other third-party software hosted by, Kelman said.

"Porting over the user-interface elements you can do very quickly, but there will be some effort involved in migrating the database and logic. But after that, the ability to change your application becomes so much more flexible," he said.

ServiceU, a Cordova, Tenn.-based provider of on-demand event and box-office management services, uses's CRM service, as do many of its clients, according to CIO David Smith.

But Smith says it is unlikely his company will rewrite its on-demand application for or have it hosted on AppExchange in the near future.

"We are a Level 1 PCI service provider," Smith said. "We are under a lot of constraints on maintaining control and on where we farm out our data."

Besides letting developers host their applications for free with, the company is working on building an e-commerce engine called AppStore Checkout to make it easier for developers to sell or rent their software, Kelman said. AppStore Checkout will be available in "the coming months," he said.

Developers have started demonstrating how Apex applications can be used offline through the Google Gears tool. Kelman declined to comment when that capability would be available for applications.

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