Review: LifeSize Brings High-Definition Enterprise Videoconferencing to a Meeting Room Near You

The LifeSize Room is an affordable, simple-to-set-up videoconferencing system with HD video resolution and super wideband audio. In our test drive, its video and sound quality were outstanding, but minor issues hindered the overall experience.

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LifeSize Summarized

LifeSize Room is meant to take videoconferencing to new ground by minimizing the issues that have kept the technology from taking off in enterprise settings. The product delivers on its promise with crisp and clear HD resolution that makes videoconference participants on the other side of the continent appear as though they're sitting across the room. Improved call quality eliminates the need to repeatedly request speakers to raise their voices and improves the overall experience. And widened interoperability with systems from other vendors means there's more opportunity to connect with various parties.

LifeSize codec
LifeSize Codec

LifeSize Room is also quite affordable when compared with its HD videoconferencing competitors. However, many of the extras that come along with the higher-end systems can take the HD videoconferencing experience to its optimal level, and LifeSize suffers without them. LifeSize users could contract outside parties to perform customization, but this adds to its cost, and those parties may not be as familiar with the system as they should be. Beginners or groups that value mobility will be best served by LifeSize Room.

On the whole, I enjoyed using LifeSize Room. It was immediately clear why HD videoconferencing has the potential to change the way businesspeople collaborate. This could modify the modern business landscape.


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