Innovation Lessons from Adult and Gaming Sites

Rarely acknowledged by the mainstream, adult and gaming sites collect a healthy percentage of web traffic and account for a good deal of innovation, too.

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Technology is also one of the few ways that sites can differentiate themselves. “We have to compete with free porn,” says James Cybert, director of IT for “What makes us competitive is being virus-free and the consumer experience. If you aren’t able to keep up with the technology you’ll be beat over the head.”

Or as Calvin Ayre, founder of the online gambling site, says, “Technology is our lifeblood.

Red Light Technologies

So what are the latest technologies developed or perfected on the red light Web that will eventually make their way into the mainstream? CIO talked to IT leaders at some leading adult and gambling sites so you don’t have to. These are some of the technologies that they are looking at.

IPTV; MPEG-4; Smart Search

Scott Piper, CIO of New Frontier Media (one of the few publicly traded adult companies), is keeping an eye on IPTV—television delivered over the Internet. Over the next five years, he predicts that the distinction between televisions and computers will disappear. There are three models for how this could happen: set-top boxes that connect to the Internet (with the user experience controlled by a cable company); computer monitors in the living room that run media software (Piper says that Vista may finally make this viable); and appliances that forward computer content to a television, like the new Apple TV.

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