6 essential competencies for digital executives

Thanks to digital disruption and shifts in the workplace, the litmus test for leadership has changed. Here are six essential traits that great IT leaders need to thrive in the digital age.

6 essential competencies for digital executives
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What makes a great leader? Although there’s no single set of personality traits, background experiences or talents that can predict who can lead effectively, there are certain leadership competencies that all good leaders and executives have mastered.

An understanding of your organization’s products, market position and technology stack is fundamental. So too is a focus on results, but there are other less obvious traits that are essential to successful leadership in an increasingly digital world, says Matt Glotzbach, CEO of online learning platform and study application Quizlet.

“Being successful in today’s workplace is less about a specific technology skill or knowing a particular language than having the toolkit to understand technology and adapt to it as it changes,” says Glotzbach.

Data analysis, critical thinking, knowing how to negotiate a data-filled world — “these have always been important skills, but going forward, they’re going to be far more than a ‘nice to have’ on someone’s resume, they’re going to be table stakes,” Glotzbach says.  

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