12 Crisis Lessons from India

CIOs from some of India's biggest companies recount how they adapted to floods, power outages and other unexpected crises

This special crisis management report from CIO India shares the experiences of 12 CIOs who recall unique crises -- including government policy changes, industrial action, floods and power blowouts-- that interrupted their businesses and tested their IT organizations. Even without contingency plans in place, these businesses had to find a way to grapple with these crises to keep their companies on course.

While many companies in North America now hire IT talent from India, it's interesting to note that the prevalence of IT systems in Indian business is still relatively new. As an IT leader from the manufacturing sector notes, “[For a long time], situations in business in India were not so dependant on IT that it would lead to a shutdown or something of that sort.” It’s only in the past eight years that IT has revolutionized the way business functions — through thick and thin. A few CIOs believe that a distinction needs to be made between ‘crisis in the IT organization’ and ‘business contingency that requires IT’s support’. Be that as it may, information unites business and the IT organization, and helps enable CIOs and business management to recover from crises.

Check out how 12 CIOs brought their house back to order when faced with difficult, unexpected circumstances.

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