18 Signs You're About to Get Fired

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  1. Your company is sold
  2. Your company is not making money
  3. Your company pursues a strategy you didn't support
  4. Your span of control has been reduced
  5. You're left out of key meetings and decisions
  6. You're not getting buy-in
  7. You have to fight tooth and nail to get anything done
  8. You have a new boss
  9. Your top priorities don't match up with your boss's
  10. You can't attract top talent
  11. You screw up big-time
  12. You engage in an unethical activity
  13. You're on bad terms with a colleague responsible for generating revenue
  14. Your boss places unreasonable demands on you
  15. Your boss minimizes your accomplishments
  16. Your boss hires an executive coach for you
  17. Your boss asks you to work on "special projects"
  18. You see a confidential search ad that describes your job to a tee
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