by Matt Kapko

LinkedIn Pulse mobile app gets smarter news streams

Jun 17, 2015

LinkedIn's updated Pulse news app for Android and iOS serves personalized news streams based on your LinkedIn profile attributes and connections. It can also help you keep tabs on key developments in your industry.

LinkedIn today released a redesigned version of its Pulse mobile app for Android and iOS that aims to deliver more personalized streams of news to its users. Instead of following specific publishers or topics, you now see articles based on key attributes of your professional networks, such as the industry you work in and the people you’re connected to. 

LinkedIn acquired Pulse for $90 million in April 2013, and today’s app release represents efforts that have been underway ever since. “We’ve been hard at work to marry the best content that Pulse has with the deep identity and network data that LinkedIn has, to create the world’s first personalized news digest,” writes Akshay Kothari, Pulse cofounder and the app’s product lead, in a blog post.

The new Pulse app has a card-based interface that makes it easier for you to skim through media, save stories and follow authors. Each of these interactions is designed to refine and improve the recommendations Pulse delivers to you, according to the company.

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The app uses contextual awareness to pull relevant articles that are trending in your industry or are popular among your colleagues. It also notifies you when connections publish article or when you’re mentioned in the news.

Pulse is one of LinkedIn’s fastest-growing products, with more than 130,000 original articles published every week, Kothari says. The new app is available now, and the previous version will continue to work for its existing users until the end of the year, according to LinkedIn.