Do More than Just Keep the Lights On

BrandPost By Mike Hewitt
Jun 29, 2015
Computers and PeripheralsNetworking

Let Infrastructure Innovation Shine with the Experts at PC Connection and EMC.

Think of your IT infrastructure as a house…a bit of a strange analogy, but hear me out. Twenty years ago, that house was a one bedroom/one bath on a quiet street that rarely saw traffic from visitors. Over the years, the neighborhood has changed—and so have the demands on your little house. Today, it’s grown into a much bigger, more complicated structure with more rooms, more outlets, and more windows and doors. Now your utility bills are higher than ever before, and you spend a huge chunk of your monthly budget just to keep the lights on. Sound familiar?

 Unfortunately, too many organizations today are trapped in the cycle of spending 70% of their budgets maintaining old equipment. With so much of your budget tied up, you have to pass on opportunities to spur innovation and implement new ideas. You’re forced to do more with less, even when you see great possibilities in things like data analytics, new flash storage technologies, and converged infrastructure. What you need is someone who understands the current layout of your house, the most efficient way to utilize the space, and how to transform it into your dream home.

PC Connection has the resources and expertise to help you do just that. We can break that cycle of “just keeping the lights on” and enable you to allocate more of your budget to drive innovation. Instead of trying to keep up with data growth, we can show you strategies to get ahead of it—to make your data more accessible, more secure, and more easily transformed into useful information that advances your business. We’re able to do that because we partner with industry leaders who share our vision of simpler, more powerful IT solutions.  

PC Connection’s experts work closely with EMC to stay on the cutting-edge of technology—and believe me when I say that’s no small endeavor. Did you know that EMC reinvests 12% of their revenue back into R&D every year? That’s a lot of new technologies, new features, and new possibilities. And our specialists are right there alongside the experts at EMC, learning about the latest solutions and figuring out how to customize them to fit your unique environment. Part of the reason that relationship between PC Connection and EMC produces such excellent results is that they share our dedication to customer-focused solutions. There is no “one size fits all” approach in their playbook.

I could talk for ages about the depth of experience on our team of technical experts and how our technicians are certified to the highest levels that EMC has to offer, but that’s not front of mind when you’re searching for opportunities to improve your IT organization, is it?  What all of that expertise boils down to, though, is more options. More options for you. With PC Connection, you have more options to solve your challenges. And when you have more options to choose from—and an experienced technology advisor to help guide you—you end up with a solution that works exactly the way you want it to.

Together, EMC and PC Connection offer that flexibility. From servers and storage to networking and everything in between, our experts know how to create end-to-end solutions that deliver results. We can help you lay out a floor plan that ensures your IT house is efficient, secure, and—most importantly—delivers the features and functionality you need to get everything done in your busy day.

Learn more about PC Connection’s partnership with EMC by watching our latest video series. You’ll get a great behind-the-scenes look at how our teams work together to help you drive innovation, increase agility, and plan for the future.