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Apple Music: Disable subscription auto-renew

Jul 02, 2015
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Turn off automatic renewal for your Apple Music subscription

Apple Music was released a few days ago, and many people are checking it out via the free three month trial period. While I suspect that many folks will continue their subscriptions, there are bound to be some who decide not to continue as subscribers to Apple Music.

In this tip I’ll show you how you can quickly disable automatic renewal for your Apple Music subscription. When the free trial period ends, you won’t be billed for another month of Apple Music.

apple music disable autorenew subscription

It’s quick and painless to turn off automatic renewal for your Apple Music subscription.

How to disable automatic renewal for Apple Music subscriptions

Just follow these steps to disable auto-renewal for your Apple Music subscription:

1. Tap on your profile icon at the top left in the Apple Music app.

2. Tap on View Apple ID.

3. Tap on Manage at the bottom of the Account Settings screen.

4. Tap on Apple Music Membership.

5. Tap on the Automatic Renewals button to toggle it from On to Off.

And that’s it, your Apple Subscription won’t be renewed and will eventually expire.

Is Apple Music worth trying?

Like many of you, I just started my own three month free trial period. I haven’t made up my mind quite yet about Apple Music, so I’m not sure if I’ll continue on with it after the free trial period ends. But I definitely think it’s worth checking out for three months.

I like the curation parts of it and I’m finding some music that is worth listening to as I explore the service. But I’m also glad to know that I can easily disable automatic renewal for Apple Music if I decide later on that I don’t want to continue with the service.

If you need more information about Apple Music, be sure to check iMore’s Apple Music FAQ:

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And you might also want to check out the official Apple Music Support page if you run into any problems using the service. You can ask questions and get help for Apple Music from other users in Apple’s official support communities.

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