OpenStack Delivers Large Advancements at Summit

BrandPost By Allyson Klein
Jul 08, 2015
Open Source

Building the open source operating system for the cloudrn

The international melting pot of Vancouver, BC provides a perfect background for the OpenStack Summit, a semi-annual get together of the developer community driving the future of open source in the data center. After all, it takes a melting pot of community engagement to build “the open source operating system for the cloud”. I came to Vancouver to get the latest from that community. This week’s conference has provided an excellent state of the union on where OpenStack is on delivering its vision to be the operating system for the cloud, how both the industry and user community are working to innovate on top of OpenStack to drive the ruggedness required for enterprise and telco deployments, and where gaps still exist between industry vision and deployment reality.  This state of the union is delivered across Summit keynotes, hundreds of track sessions, demos, and endless meetings, meet ups and other social receptions.

Intel’s investment in OpenStack reflects the importance of open source software innovation to deliver our vision of Software Defined Infrastructure.  Our work extends from our core engagement as a leader in the OpenStack Foundation, projects focused on ensuring that software is taking full advantage of Intel platform features to drive higher levels of security, reliability and performance, and collaborations driven to ensure that demos of today become mainstream deployments tomorrow.

So what’s new from Intel this week? Today, Intel announced Clear Containers, a project associated with Intel Clear Linux designed to ensure that container based environments leverage Intel virtualization and security features to both improve speed of deployment and enable a hardware root of trust to container workloads.  We also announced the beta delivery of Cloud Integration Technology 3.0, our latest software aimed delivering workload attestation across cloud environments, and showcased demos ranging from trusted VMs to intelligent workload scheduling to NFV workloads on trusted cloud architecture.

To learn more about Intel’s engagement in the OpenStack community, please check out a conversation with Jonathan Donaldson as well as learn about Intel’s leadership on driving diversity in the data center as seen through the eyes of some leading OpenStack engineers.

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