by Sarah K. White

Top 10 job boards on Facebook

Jul 15, 2015
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Today’s job search has gone social, with job boards now reaching out to job seekers on popular social media sites like Facebook. Here are the 10 job boards that are using Facebook better than the competition.

Top 10 job boards on Facebook

Finding a job today is nothing like it was 15, or even 10, years ago. Rather than searching through classifieds, going door-to-door or mailing out your resume, you can take most of the preliminary job search steps right from your computer. And with the advent of video chat, you can take it even further and interview from the comfort of your own home. Now that most of us turn to the Internet when we need anything from recipes to a new career, job listings have all gone digital, and now they’re even starting to go social.

What makes a job board successful on Facebook? According to Engagement Labs, creator of eValue, which rates successful uses of social media, it isn’t necessarily the number of likes or followers a company has, but rather how their audience engages with and responds to the content. Here are the 10 most social job boards in the U.S. on Facebook, according to Engagement Labs.

#1 Facebook: Indeed

indeed facebook

First place for its use of Facebook goes to Indeed, where the job board posts relevant content for job seekers. The brand has accumulated nearly half a million likes. Part of its high score includes the fact that not only is the company active on Facebook, but its audience is engaging with the content as well. You’ll find content related to your job search, interesting memes and more, all with an impressive number of “likes” and “shares.”

#2 Facebook: USAJobs

usajobs facebook

Government organizations might not be known for being in touch with the latest trends, but USAJobs has the second highest score for Facebook. USAJobs is the official U.S. Federal Government job board, so you can find any Federal job and employment information. Its Facebook account features job openings, resources and articles on starting a career in government.

#3 Facebook: LinkedIn

linkedin facebook

You might be surprised to find one of the pioneers of professional social media as number 3 on this list, considering the company is its own social network, but LinkedIn is third for its use of Facebook. It’s clear that in its efforts to create a popular professional social network, LinkedIn hasn’t eschewed other social networks, using Facebook to leverage its audience and connect with its users.

#4 Facebook: Cool Works

coolworks facebook

Cool Works focuses on unique and interesting jobs in exciting places, such as lakeside towns in Alaska and summer resorts in the Florida Keys. The actual website is pretty simplistic, but its Facebook page is full of content and gorgeous photos posted alongside exciting job listings. That’s probably how Cool Works got to number 4 on the list of job boards that are successfully using Facebook to reach a large audience.

#5 Facebook: CareerCast

careercast facebook

CareerCast’s website features a number of useful resources for job seekers, including resume and cover letter tips, career advice and job search tools. Its Facebook page, however, almost strictly features job listings, with some other job-seeker related content sprinkled throughout. If you want to be served up job listings, without leaving your social network, you might want to consider following CareerCast.

#6 Facebook: Snagajob

snagajob facebook

Snagajob focuses on work for hourly employees looking for jobs in retail, hospitality, education, banking, healthcare and much more. Its website focuses on job listings, while its Facebook page, which comes in at number 6, posts informative content for job-seekers, job listings and even the occasional meme.

#7 Facebook: FlexJobs

flexjobs facebook

FlexJobs not only comes in fifth for its use of Twitter, but it also makes the list at number 7 for its use of Facebook. With 34,000 likes, FlexJobs posts articles, inspirational photos and information for job seekers to help them in their search for the perfect career.

#8 Facebook: ZipRecruiter

ziprecruiter facebook

ZipRecruiter may be 3rd in line for its use of Twitter, but its Facebook efforts are nothing to sneeze at, either. At number 8 on the list for its use of Facebook, ZipRecruiter has 13,000 likes, and a wealth of content. ZipRecruiter utilizes its Facebook account to post job listings as well as conferences, events, articles and more to its followers.

#9 Facebook:

salary facebook

Salary offers a well-rounded experience for job seekers, including listings and career development in addition to salary data. The Facebook profile for is a direct pipeline for this wealth of content, where it shares some of its most interesting unique content in addition to articles from other well-known sources.

#10 Facebook:

care facebook serves a more niche audience than any other jobs board on this list by focusing on babysitters and nannies. But even with a niche audience, it seems to be reaching a number of users on its Facebook page, with 460,000 likes. It makes sense, when you realize its page isn’t just directed at those looking for a job as a nanny or sitter, but also to the parents looking for childcare. With a healthy mix of informative articles about parenting, family, and job seeker content, it’s just another example of a jobs board using social media right.