by Jim Lynch

Stop bashing the Apple Watch!

Jul 17, 2015
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The presstitutes and so-called analysts don't know their asses from their elbows when it comes to the Apple Watch

Have you noticed the trend in the media lately? There are tons of negative articles about the Apple Watch. You’ll see everything from “Apple Watch sales drop dramatically” to “designers think the Apple Watch underwhelms” and on and on it goes. If you were to go by recent media coverage and analyst comments, you’d almost think that Apple hasn’t sold a single Apple Watch and that the product has been a huge bomb.

Nothing could be further from the truth. The Apple Watch has been a huge success for Apple despite having a rough start due to production issues. And it’s high time for the media and the analysts to shut up and stop bashing the Apple Watch.

The presstitutes: Page view whores to the bitter end

There’s a recurring pattern that happens any time Apple releases a new product. The media piles on, nitpicking every little thing and spreading tons of fear, uncertainty and doubt about the product. Predictions of failure and dismal sales are everywhere for the new Apple product, despite the fact that these so-called journalists have no real numbers to back up their claims of doom for the product.

Let’s face it, folks. The real reason so many media outlets put out so much negative FUD about Apple products is to generate traffic to their sites. It’s an easy way of angering Apple’s customers and getting them to stampede to a publication’s site to generate page views and ad impressions, and lots of outraged comments.

Think I’m kidding or exaggerating about this? John Dvorak is one of the best in the business at putting out negative FUD about Apple to generate traffic to his articles, and he even confessed it in this video:

How’s that for an eye opener about the presstitutes in technology media? And don’t think for a second that John is alone in his tactics. Everybody is fighting for page views and ad impressions, it’s still the basic Web business model for most sites. So putting out negative trash on Apple products is a proven way to make money on technology sites.

The Apple Watch is just the latest victim in a long line of Apple products that the page view whores have used to gin up their numbers at expense of telling the truth about Apple and its products. We’ll see even more of it the next time Apple releases a product.

The so-called analysts: Wrong so often they’ve become a joke

Another group that is utterly full of shit are the so-called analysts. The long, long line of utterly failed predictions about Apple by analysts is absolutely mind-blowing. Go back and see what some analysts were saying about the iPod when it was first released. Then go back and see what they said about the iPhone. And then go back and see what these “geniuses” said about the iPad.

You’ll find tons of ignorant comments, baseless predictions of failure, and countless failures to realize the significance of the iPod, iPhone and iPad. The so-called analysts just didn’t get any of those products when they were first released. And yet each product went on to become wildly successful in its own right despite all the bullshit that was put out by so many idiot analysts.

The Apple Watch is just another victim of the staggering ignorance, lack of vision and non-existent critical thinking skills of so many so-called analysts. It’s beyond me why anyone, anywhere, anytime takes what these analysts say seriously. Their track record is so bad that people should laugh at them whenever they issue one of their stupid press releases about Apple products.

I tuned out the analysts a long, long time ago and I highly recommend that you do the same starting right now. These people generally have their heads up their asses and once you realize that you will learn to immediately discount any of their inane babble when it comes to Apple and its products.

Why I love my Apple Watch

I know from my own experience that the presstitutes and idiot analysts don’t know what they are talking about when it comes to the Apple Watch. I’ve owned one since the watch was first released, and I absolutely love mine. I use it everyday and I can’t imagine not having one now that I have integrated it into my life.

I use my Apple Watch daily as a fitness tracker for walking, weightlifting, cardio, and for tracking my calories. It has become absolutely invaluable to me in terms of managing my weight and my overall fitness. I can’t imagine living without it now because it provides an enormous amount of value to me by helping me manage my weight and overall fitness.

I also love being able to send and receive text messages, take phone calls on my wrist and get at-a-glance information from various apps and sites. I have an iPhone 6 Plus, but why would I want to pick it up to do all of that when I’m out and about? The Apple Watch works perfectly to free me from having to depend totally on a smartphone when I’m on the go, and I would never want to go back to being stuck picking up my phone all the time.

The gist of all of this is that the Apple Watch is alive and well, and it’s already a huge success for Apple. And this is only the first version of the Apple Watch. Wait until you see how it advances in future versions. It’s only going to get better and better as time goes by and Apple updates the watch’s hardware and software.

So do yourself a favor, tune out the presstitutes and idiot analysts. They don’t know their ass from their elbow when it comes to the Apple Watch (and quite a lot else for that matter), and you owe it to yourself to remember that when you see the latest article that bashes the Apple Watch.

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