by Jim Lynch

iOS 9: How to use Slide Over on the iPad

Aug 05, 2015

Slide Over multitasking in iOS 9 lets you see two apps on the screen at the same time on your iPad

iOS 9 has a couple of great multitasking features in it, and one of them is called Slide Over. Slide Over lets you see two apps on your iPad’s screen at the same time. The first app will stay in the background, while the second app appears above it in a sidebar on the right side of your screen.

This can be quite useful if you need to open a second app to do something like answer a text message or check your email while browsing the web, writing a document, or doing some other thing in your first app.

How to use Slide Over in iOS 9 on your iPad

ios 9 slide over sidebar email

Slide Over in iOS 9 makes it easy to use a second app on your iPad while your first app runs in the background.

It’s very easy to use Slide Over in iOS 9, just follow these simple steps:

1. Put your finger in the middle of the right side of your screen and tap.

2. Swipe to the left on your screen.

3. A selection of apps will load in a sidebar above your currently opened app.

4. Tap on the app that you want to use while your first app stays in the background.

5. To close your second app just tap on your first app or simply slide the Side Over sidebar back to the right side of the screen.

And that’s it, that’s all you need to do to use Slide Over in iOS 9 on your iPad. Once you get used to using Slide Over, the movement to open the sidebar will become very fluid and fast. I’ve broken it into steps here for those who might not be familiar with it at all.

How to return to the Slide Over app selection screen in iOS 9

If you need to switch your second app to something else, here’s how you can do it.

ios 9 slide over app selection screen

You can choose from a list of apps to use in the Slide Over sidebar in iOS 9.

1. Tap the middle right part of your iPad’s screen.

2. Swipe to the left to open the Side Over sidebar.

3. Tap the line at the top of the sidebar and pull down.

4. You’ll be returned to the Slide Over app selection screen.

You can now scroll through a list of apps that you can use via Slide Over while your main app runs in the background. Just tap on the app you want to use and it will open in the Slide Over sidebar.

Why I love using Slide Over in iOS 9 on my iPad

I’ve been running iOS 9 for a while now, and so far I really love Slide Over. It makes it very easy and fast for me to deal with email, text messages and other things without me having to close the app that I was previously using.

For example, I can easily check my email while I’m browsing the Web without having to close Safari and go into the iOS 9 email app. I can also check something in Notes, Reminders and other apps while still keeping my main application running in the background.

Once you get used to Slide Over in iOS 9, it’s very difficult to imagine using an iPad without it. It really makes a big difference to the overall iPad experience to be able to quickly use a second app without having to close your first app down.

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