by Dan Muse

What a messy desk says about a CIO

Aug 10, 2015

CIOs aren't all cut from the same cloth. And some pieces of cloth are more tidy than others. That got us thinking: What does a CIO’s desk say about how he or she views objectives and challenges. Check out our neat infographic for some insight.

messy cio desk worker office frustration
Credit: Thinkstock

Before I get into what your messy desk says about you as a CIO, this disclaimer: I don’t think my desk is a mess per se, but it’s not exactly tidy either — so if I were CIO, I’d probably fall on the messy side of this equation (actually, I prefer the “organized chaos” label).

I have gotten better over the years, but that may be more due to the digital nature of the publishing world (i.e., I don’t print much and I get only the rare piece of mail). Being quasi-neat is easier than it used to be. Disclaimer 2: We asked these questions as the fun part of our CIO Tech Poll: IT Economic Outlook survey, and the sample size is admittedly small compared to the responses for the other questions in our poll. However, 27 CIOs were brave enough to look deep within themselves (or at least brave enough to look at their desks). So what kind of CIO are you and what does your desk say about you? Check our infographic.

CIO messy desk infographic

(Click for larger image.)