Here Comes The...Uber? Uber Weddings Coming to SF on Saturday

Is Uber's latest stunt romantic and cute, or a shameless mockery of a sacred institution? Either way, it comes with a free honeymoon!

If Saturday night is all right for fighting, as Elton John once contended, maybe Saturday afternoon is like Billy Idol says: a nice day for a white wedding. If you and your sweet babboo happen to be in San Francisco this weekend, Uber wants to help you get hitched.

Uber's latest stunt (after Christmas trees and Emergency Mascara Technicians and ice cream trucks and kittens and helicopters to the Hamptons) is perhaps its craziest of all.

Because nothing says I love you like a last-minute wedding ceremony, thrown by strangers, without any input from the couple in question.

The package does seem nice, though--and unlike the $3,000 chopper rides or $135 Christmas trees, the ceremony and a honeymoon are both provided absolutely free.

Between 12pm and 6pm on Saturday, if you succeed in posting a request through the Uber app, and you have all your documents in order to be legally wed in California, Uber will dispatch a wedding team to your location. A notary will help you with the paperwork to get a marriage license. As soon as the ink is dry, the Uber violinist will strike up the wedding song (feel free to steal my Billy Idol idea, by the way), and your ceremony will commence. Uber will also supply the flowers, dessert, champagne, and a gift bag.

You can invite friends and family, of course--which will be really awkward if your request doesn't go through. Demand for these stunts tends to outstrip supply, but then again, an overpriced Christmas tree is much less of a life-changing investment than a legally-wed spouse, so maybe this will break the trend.

The kicker, though, is that HotelTonight and Alaska Airlines will team up "in the weeks after your nuptials" to provide you a free-of-charge honeymoon. The blog post doesn't give any details as to where or for how long your romantic getaway will be. We've reached out to Uber and will update this post if we hear back.

In the meantime, what do you think of this stunt? Is it an adorable way to celebrate love and spontaneity, or does its inherent silliness fly in the face of what's supposed to be a lifetime commitment entered into with careful thought? If you were planning to get married anyway (and let's face it, planning a wedding can be quite a hassle), would you let Uber take the wheel?


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