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UPDATED 7/14/11: Check out's complete guide to finding an IT job in good times and bad, working with recruiters, using social networking websites in your job hunt, avoiding common job search mistakes, and much more. Use our expert advice, tips and analysis to help you find your next great job.

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General Job Search Advice
7 Ways Job Seekers Self-Destruct

Make any one of the following seven mistakes while being courted for a job in today's competitive market and you can kiss your chances of getting a job offer good bye.

How to Overcome New Job Jitters

Don't let your anxiety about starting a new job cripple your performance. Heed these six tips for controlling your new job jitters.

Job Search: What to Do When You're Overqualified

Being overqualified for a job should give a job seeker a competitive advantage, right? Unfortunately, it can be more of a liability than an asset in a job search. If you're being told you're too qualified for a job, here are five ways to address hiring managers' concerns about your candidacy.

Career Watch: Finding a Job in a Third the Time

David Perry, the co-author of Guerrilla Marketing for Job Hunters 2.0, explains how an unconventional search strategy can result in a new position in a third the time.

Job Search Tips: Thank You Note Do's and Don'ts

Want to learn how to set yourself apart from equally qualified job seekers and land job offers? A well-written thank you note, sent immediately after a job interview is key, says an IT staffing expert.

Job Search Secrets: Targeting Done Right

If your job search centers on your resume and scattershot networking, you may never find a new job, says career coach Vicki Brackett. Here, she proposes the targeted job search as the most effective job hunting strategy in a recession.

How to Discuss Your Job Search with Your Family

You may not want to burden your family with the hardships you're facing in your job search, but regular communication about your activities can actually ease the stress and strain for everyone.

The Secret to Job Search Success: Planning and a Positive Attitude

A University of Missouri study of 327 job seekers found that those who develop clear goals, implement plans for achieving them, and stay upbeat during their job search land more interviews and job offers than those job seekers who don't plan and aren't as positive.

Unemployed? 10 Ways to Fight Depression in Your Job Search

Job loss, unemployment and never-ending job searches can make even the most upbeat people feel depressed. Follow IT professionals' and mental health experts' tried-and-true advice for preventing depression before it derails your job search.

Job Search Tips: How to Find Out if Employers, Recruiters Are Checking You Out Online

Henry Hirschel, a laid-off IT director, knows when hiring managers and recruiters check out his blog, LinkedIn profile and website. That helps him gauge the effectiveness of his resume and job search activities, and gives him confidence during follow-up calls and job interviews.

Recruiting Software: 10 Ways Job Seekers Can Beat the System

Employers are increasingly using recruiting software or applicant tracking systems to pre-screen job seekers' résumés. Résumé writers and career coaches offer 10 tips for ensuring that these applicant tracking systems don't erroneously screen out your résumé.

Job Search Tips: How to Address Job Hopping on Your Resume

The appearance of job hopping on a résumé can sink a job seeker's chances of scoring job interviews like a stone. Consider these seven expert tips for downplaying job hopping on your résumé and mitigating its impact on your job search.

Look Before You Leap Into a New Job

Though the economy is showing positive signs, there's still good reason to be cautious. Columnist Adam Lawrence suggests some points to consider before you accept any offers.

Developing a Personal Brand for Your Job Search

An out-of-work IT infrastructure director works with a career coach to identify her personal brand and improve the effectiveness of her job search.

6 Personal Branding Mistakes That Can Threaten Your Job Search

In their haste to differentiate themselves during the worst job market in decades, job seekers are making personal branding mistakes that can undermine their job search efforts. Here are six things that you should never do.

Job Search: 4 Personal Branding Tactics that Scream "Hire Me!"

In a hyper-competitive job market, employers are having trouble finding potential employees among a sea of qualified candidates. You can convince them that you're ideal by developing and communicating a compelling and unique personal brand.

IT Careers: Bridging the Qualifications Gap

Should you apply for a position even if you don't meet every single requirement for the job? Columnist Dave Willmer offers some guidelines to help you decide.

Should Your Credit Report Disqualify You for a Job?

Two companies that fired workers and rejected job applicants based on background checks without informing those people of their rights have settled with the Federal Trade Commission for $77,000 in civil penalties.

What It Takes to Get Hired

There's more to applying for a job than submitting a well-crafted résumé. Columnist Dave Willmer offers seven tips to help you avoid job-search missteps.

Job Search Scams: 6 Ways to Protect Yourself Against Identity Theft

Identity theft rings have set their sights on the 15.7 million Americans who are unemployed and looking for work. Here's how to ensure you don't end up a victim.

Diversify Your Job Search

If you're seeking work in today's competitive IT environment, you've probably received some conflicting advice about the best ways to go about finding it. Some colleagues and friends may swear by online networking tools such as LinkedIn or Twitter. Others may insist that you're doomed without an enthusiastic referral from an insider. Job boards, IT trade publications and even employer Web sites all have their advocates as well.

How to Create and Execute an Employer-Centric Job Search Strategy

Job seekers at all levels are going about their searches all wrong. Instead of sending out résumés willy-nilly, they need to focus their efforts on the employers who will be most receptive to hiring them.

4 Glaring Signs Your Job Search Is Not Working and 19 Ways to Improve It

Ignoring these warning signs will result in painful, protracted job searches.

The Power of Persuasion in a Job Search

Whether you're seeking a new job or clinging to an existing one, persuading people of your value is going to be your key to success during this recession. In this Q&A, James Borg, author of "Persuasion: The Art of Influencing People," explains how to persuade people without being pushy.

CIO Job Search: A Real Life Chronicle

The real-life experience of searching for a new CIO job.

8 Ways to Fight Globalization's Negative Impact on Your Job Search

Major shifts in global corporate ownership are rippling downstream, affecting enterprises' hierarchical structures, executive roles, and hiring criteria. Here's how to cope.

IT Careers: Why You Should Register with an IT Staffing Firm

An IT staffing firm can connect you with unadvertised IT jobs, provide training and resume revamping, or offer the flexibility of consulting opportunities—all while easing the stress of a job search.

5 Steps for Surviving the Job Search Doldrums

The weeks between Thanksgiving and New Years is a slow time for job seekers. Security recruiters offer advice on using the down time to get your job search in shape for the following year.

The Two Websites Every Job Seeker Needs to Join

You probably know about one of these websites, but you may not know about the other. Neither is a job board.

How Do You Find Your Next Job?

Would you rather get help from an executive recruiter, or would you rather work directly with the employer? What do you think is the best way to land your next job?

Who Are the Best Companies to Work For? Targeting Your Job Search

Links to lists of best places to work from Fortune, U.S. News and World Report, Working Mother and more.

Protecting Your Identity in Your Job Search

Identity thieves are increasingly exploiting job search and social networking websites because those sites can be treasure troves of registered users' personal information.

When to End Your Job Search

If your job search has been going on for months, maybe over a year, is there an appropriate length of time or some other condition when a job seeker should "put a fork in it" and quit?

Professional References: 7 Deadly Myths

Job seekers make many false assumptions about their professional references: They think they can simply leave bad references off their résumés and that their references don't matter to an employer after they've started a new job. Here, the vice president of a reference checking firm dispels job seekers' seven most common misconceptions about professional references.

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