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UPDATED 7/14/11: Check out's complete guide to finding an IT job in good times and bad, working with recruiters, using social networking websites in your job hunt, avoiding common job search mistakes, and much more. Use our expert advice, tips and analysis to help you find your next great job.

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Where the IT Jobs Are
The 7 Best Cities to Find IT Jobs in 2011 and IT staffing firm Modis show you which urban IT job markets are hot, the industries in those cities that are hiring, and the IT skills those companies are seeking.

The 6 Hottest New Jobs in IT

IT job seekers have real reason to hope. No fewer than 10,000 IT jobs were added to payrolls in May alone, according to the Bureau of Labor statistics, reflecting a steady month-over-month increase since January. And in a June survey by the IT jobs site, 65 percent of hiring managers and recruiters said they will hire more tech professionals in the second half of 2011 than in the previous six months.

IT Jobs: Winners and Losers in the Cloud Era

We survey the cloud's effects on nine classes of IT jobs: Architects and sys admins win, middle managers and tech specialists lose -- what about you?

Steer Your Career to the Cloud

Dave DiMeo, service delivery network operations manager at Ford Motor has a mouthful of a title. And while the word "cloud" isn't part of it, it might as well be.

Healthcare IT Jobs Lucrative But Tough to Land

Companies in the healthcare industry are willing to pay a premium for scarce IT talent, but they're choosy about selecting new hires. For people with the right experience, it's a great time to be job hunting.

10 Best IT Jobs Right Now

Today's hot IT jobs are those that can help satisfy growing demand for technologies such as virtualization, cloud, network security and social computing skills. Here we examine 10 IT jobs and the technology know-how required to land them.

Top-Paying Industries for IT

Not all IT jobs are created equal. According to Computerworld's 2010 Salary Survey, an IT worker in the defense industry, for example, could be earning as much as 4% more than a peer in a similar job in the the retail sector.

The Most Dangerous Jobs in Technology

In the world of information technology, some professions are particularly perilous. Whether you're risking psychological stress or your very life, these fields aren't for the faint of heart.

5 Hot IT Certification Picks for 2010

Industry organizations and vendors are broadening their IT certification training catalogs to address emerging technologies and market needs. Vendor-specific (Cisco, Microsoft) and technology-specific (network, security and open source) certifications can help advance IT careers.

The CIO Job Market in 2010: More Opportunity and More Competition

The CIO job market gained steam during the fourth quarter of 2009, and executive recruiters expect that momentum to build in 2010 as the economy recovers.

IT Careers: Hottest Jobs, Skills in Cloud Computing, Mobile Application Development

The latest IBM Tech Trends survey of IT professionals reveals that cloud computing and mobile application development will provide the most career opportunities, followed by social media and business intelligence.

11 Hot Skills for 2011

After months of staff cuts or hiring freezes, many U.S. companies are planning to hire IT employees with highly valued skills. Here's a list of the top 11 skills IT hiring managers are looking to recruit.

10 Best IT Jobs Now

Today's hot IT jobs are those that can help satisfy growing demand for technologies such as virtualization, cloud, network security and social computing skills. Here we examine 10 IT jobs and the technology know-how required to land them.

Tech Hiring Up Almost 50 Percent Since 2009

The number of available full-time tech jobs has increased 46% in the past year, and contractors' hourly rates are rising as companies seek ways to overcome an IT skills shortage, according to a monthly report from Dice.

Tech Employment Steady, Latest Census Figures Show

While total U.S. employment dropped by almost 6 million people from 2008 to 2009, jobs in the computer/mathematics sector remained almost constant, according to figures released Tuesday by the U.S. Census Bureau.

CIOs Say They're Hiring Again

The IT employment outlook is starting to improve, but the industry shed jobs last year at a much faster pace than it is now adding them.

IT Hiring Jumps in April '10; Demand Up Sharply for Full-Time Workers

The analysis of experts in the public and private sector all point to a growing number of available technology jobs after a year of turmoil.

IT Hiring Poised for Skills Driven Rebound

Employers that act promptly and strategically to recruit and retain IT professionals will have an advantage over those that wait for ideal economic conditions. Here's what next year's hiring environment likely has in store.

The Best Industries for IT Compensation

The 1.6% pay increase reported by government IT professionals in Computerworld's 2009 Salary Survey might not seem like much, but it's better than what Bruce Walton and other California state IT workers have seen recently.

The Best Jobs for IT Compensation

Frank Sirianni finds himself in an unlikely situation during this recession: He's having trouble filling an IT position.

IT Takes Biggest Job Cut Hit in the Back Office

Two million IT positions are expected to have been eliminated from 2000 to 2014, according to Hackett Group, which forecasts an 'extended jobless recovery.'

The Tech Jobs that the Cloud Will Eliminate

As if outsourcing, virtualization, utility computing, automation, hosted applications, and a recession weren't enough to stress out the average IT professional, there's the emerging threat of cloud computing to take away even more IT jobs.

Job Growth Could Be More Robust Away from the Coasts

Qualcomm's CIO Norm Fjeldheim answers questions about preparing for life after the recession and dealing with a dysfunctional IT department.

Search Engine Uncovers and Maps Job Openings

The creators of a new job-hunting Web site say they've built a specialized search engine that digs around the Web looking for jobs that may not be advertised elsewhere.

6 Recession Proof IT Jobs

Not all IT jobs are being offshored and outsourced. Some positions in IT are among the most recession-proof jobs across all fields.

Recession Slows Growth of Software Developer Population

Evans Data revises downward its growth projections for software developers in light of sour economic conditions for the first time in four years.

New Research Reveals Highest-Paid IT Skills and Certifications During the Recession

Foote Partners' latest IT Skills and Certifications Index shows that pay for IT professionals with Netweaver Portals, Apple OS X and PHP skills ballooned during the fourth quarter of 2008, while pay for extreme programming, certain SAP and networking skills dipped.

Sensible Jobs for IT Professionals that Aren't in IT

In the book, Debugging Your Information Technology Career, author and former IT exec Janice Weinberg offers 20 different positions outside of IT that IT professionals could easily move into.

Networking Tips
How to Network: 12 Tips for Shy People

Schmoozing is a trial for shy people, but armed with these common-sense tips they can increase their networking mojo.

How to Network: More Tips for Shy People

Introverts are often better at networking than most people think. In fact, their perceived weaknesses may actually be great strengths when it comes to forging new and lasting professional connections.

How to Network: 7 Ways to Give, Not Just Receive

Are you reluctant to make networking a bigger part of your job search because you're scared that no one will want to meet with you? Think giving, not taking. Here are seven reasons why your contacts actually want to hear from you.

How to Network: 5 Tips for Maximizing Meetings

Take these five steps before, during and after a networking meeting to guarantee that you get what you need, says networking expert Ford Myers. You'll also ensure that your contacts leave feeling glad that they spent time with you.

Event Networking Etiquette: A Step-By-Step Plan for Working the Room

If the thought of meeting new people at conferences or networking events causes your stomach to knot up, know you're not alone. Assuage your nerves and gain confidence with networking etiquette know-how.

Effective Networking: Assumptions About Your Contacts Can Hinder Your Job Search

IT professionals who prize order and predictability, and possess a high need for closure are likely making erroneous assumptions about their networks--assumptions that could seriously hamper their job searches, according to research from MIT.

Networking Do's and Don'ts: 7 Tips for Job Seekers During the Holidays

The best five weeks of networking for the entire year are going on now. Make sure you're prepared for all of your holiday networking events by following these seven do's and don'ts from master networker and motivational speaker Dave Sherman.

How to Make the Most of Those Holiday Networking Sessions

Holiday time is an ideal chance for job hunters, especially those who find setting up networking meetings difficult, to make a connection with someone they want to get to know by offering them a ride to a party, providing directions or giving them an admission ticket to an event. Here are more tips for networking during the holiday season.

Acing the Job Interview
How to Address Failure in a Job Interview

IT failures that occurred on your watch don't have to kill your chances of landing a new job. You just need to know how to discuss them in job interviews. Here are five tips.

How to Ace a CIO Job Interview

In a CIO job interview, you must prove three things: that you'll help the hiring company achieve its business objectives, deliver the desired leadership abilities and fit in with the senior management team. Here's expert advice on how to nail all three.

How to Ace an Executive Level Job Interview

Tips and techniques for answering common interview questions, making a good first impression during the interview and for following up.

How to Prepare for Executive Level Job Interviews

8 tips and techniques for preparing for executive level interviews.

Job Seekers: Get Ready for the Character Interview

In an employer's job market, hiring managers take their time getting to know a job seeker's character, personality and values. Personal questions and even table manners are fair game.

8 Ways a Job Interview Can Take a Turn for the Worse

Top career experts and corporate recruiters share situations that can derail a job interview, along with advice on how job seekers can get back on track.

IT Job Seekers: Can You Answer an Interviewer's 12 Gotcha Questions?

If you want to land an IT job--whether on the help desk or as a CIO--in this competitive labor market, you better be prepared to answer these dreaded job interview questions.

Unconventional Job Interview Questions

If you could be a super-hero, which one would you be? IT professionals share ridiculous job interview questions.

6 Job Interview Questions to Identify Change Agents and Innovators

Companies today need people who can lead in the face of change and uncertainty.

Job Interview: Ask the Right Questions to Avoid a Dud Job

If your questions elicit "the look" from the hiring manager, it's a sign you probably don't want to work there.

Interview Questions to Avoid

Some questions and situations surface during job interviews that you simply should not discuss.

Extreme Makeover: IT Job Seekers May Need Appearance Upgrade

Mirror, mirror on the wall: Who's the best-groomed candidate of them all?

What to Wear for an IT Job Interview

IT professionals aren't known for their fashion sense, they of the uninspired polo shirt and khaki persuasion. But if there's one professional occasion when a tech worker should think fashion first, it's the job interview, especially in this employer's market for talent.

8 Ways Job Seekers Can Assess a Prospective Employer's Corporate Culture

Just as hiring managers try to determine whether a job seeker will fit with an organization's culture, job seekers should judge whether an employer's culture is right for them--no matter how desperate for a job they may be. Job seekers' curiosity about an employer's corporate culture will impress hiring managers and help them stand out.

How to Land Interviews for IT Jobs in a Tough Market

While the recession has caused companies to implement hiring freezes and conduct layoffs, some companies are still conducting job interviews.


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